The Lost Battalion: The Meuse-Argonne Offensive 1918

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The Lost Battalion is a one or two player game covering America's largest offensive of The Great War. When playing the solitaire version, the player takes control of all American and French units and the game system controls the Germans. Essentially, the player must drive as quickly as he can through the formidable defenses on the map to secure victory point hexes near Sedan and across the Meuse River. In the two player version, one player takes the Americans and the other player controls the Germans. The objective for the American player is to gain VP hexes; the German player must prevent that from happening. Each version of the game has a historical set up and a free set up variant.

Game Scale

Each hex on the map represents one mile from side to opposite side. Units are regiments (800-5,000 men) and artillery groups (72-250 guns). The first two turns represent two days of “real” time; the other game turns are three days.


One 34x22" game map, and 385 die-cut counters