The Tigers are Burning: Campaigns for the Ukraine, 1943-44

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S&T #118 9/86

Book Scope Editors
Computer Conflict Editors
FYI A.A. Nofi
Horse Soldiers R. Berg
Nine Days During August 1862 Larry Bertel, Jr
One Year on the Verge of Ruin... Thomas Scheben
Simulation: Tigers are Burning T. Bomba, U. Blennemann & T. Scheben

The Tigers are Burning: Campaigns for the Ukraine, 1943-44 includes rules, a 18" X 22" mapsheet, 100 backprinted counters and various player aids and charts.

The onus is on the German player to be very aggressive in this game as only the Soviet Player may gain victory points. At the end of every game turn, starting with turn 2, the Soviet player checks to see if his victory point count matches what is required to win (e.g.- 15 points on Turn 2, 25 points on Turn 5)... if it does, the German player loses.

Syrian War Machine J. Dingeman & R. Jupa

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