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Dien Bien Phu: The First Indochina War

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Theme:      Vietnam War     

Dien Bien Phu ATS—French Indochina 1954

Positions at ‘Eliane 1’, DIEN BIEN PHU, FRENCH INDOCHINA, 31 March 1954: The morning following the opening of the battle for the ‘Five Hills’ was one of desperation for both sides. The weather temporarily cleared up, allowing both air support and re-supply, but no airborne reinforcements. While E4 and E2 (Champs Elysées) were both secure, the occupation of E1 could not be allowed. It had fallen with barely a fight when its Moroccan garrison deserted. From previous experience, the French knew that they could not allow the enemy to entrench himself on that hill. The 5th Vietnamese Parachute Battalion was selected to retake the lost strongpoint. They were especially determined to make up for a failure at the Gabrielle strongpoint, nearly two weeks earlier. By now, E1 was devastated by bombardments. There were no shelters, no dugouts, no barbed wire—just the pockmarks of shells, shattered corpses, and the stench of rotting human flesh. With great élan, the 5th BPVN charged from E4 over to E1. They completely routed the enemy from the heights, suffering greatly as Viet Minh counter-battery fire slammed into them on the newly reconquered hill. There they endured and awaited relief which never came. When the enemy pressure forced the French to abandon the nearby strongpoint of Dominique 2, Eliane 1 was then outflanked and exposed. Just before dusk, E1 was again abandoned.

The above is just one of the gripping historical summaries you'll find in the brand new ATS DIEN BIEN PHU. Phew! I'm sweating already, just thinking about those Viet Minh hordes and the pressure I'll feel defending the honor or France and that's just while I am enjoying the massive solo-play friendly experience, sans and other of my fellow ATSers.

Okay, let's get to the nitty-gritty. This is a COMPLETE GAME in a ziploc that pits French paratroopers against Viet Minh in this famous battle. Just bring your own ten sided die. The soldier art is ALL NEW and created just for this game. What's more, the map is 100% new and remastered, bright, crisp and easy to read, and printed on that ultra 'secret paper stock' CH has been using for years to make what many consider the best tactical-level game maps in the business.

WARNING: This game is for the die-hard tac-sim gamer and not for the faint of heart. If you are cowardly, heck, downright wimpy, please do NOT buy, or even think of playing, this game. It's just too intense, too hard on your nerves, and will require the utmost in iron-will and mental toughness, to face down the disaster at Dien Bien Phu (or inflict it, if your pleasure is to play the Viet Minh).


A complete collection of color die-cut counters in 1/2”, 5/8” and 3/4” sizes, providing the tanks, guns, and men that fought in the battle depicted;
Detailed 24" x 36" game map on heavyweight stock;
The latest edition of the ATS rules of play;
Scenarios and Play Aids printed on separate heavyweight cards;

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