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Nam 65-75

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Theme:      Vietnam War     

Nam 65-75 is a low-complexity turn-based hex-and counter wargame depicting the entire course of "America's war in Vietnam" (as the box states). The map covers all of South Vietnam. Cambodia and Laos are not depicted, and the Ho Chi Minh Trail is abstracted. Turns are one season (three months) and units are brigade/regiment in strength, with assets such air air support represented as separate counters. Communist units have face-down sides that hide their strength and US/Allied units must first detect them in order to attack. Combat is odds-based. The US can have a variable level of commitment, which is both influenced by and influences the US Public Support level.

Soviet/Chinese Commitment is also tracked. Thus, the game tracks outside geopolitical influences on the conflict. Victory is achieved by causing (or avoiding) the collapse of the South Vietnam government, which depends on Communist capture of key towns (which reduces the Stability Level) and presence of NLF Sanctuaries (which is compared to the Stability Level). There are four scenarios: a 44-turn campaign scenario covering the entire war, and an 8-turn scenario covering just the Tet Offensive and its aftermath, a 14-turn scenario covering the Vietnamization period from 1970-72, and a Final Countdown scenario depicting the end of the war from 1973-75, which lasts 12 turns.

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