Whistling Death: WWII Air Warfare over the Pacific (Boxless)

Number: 3

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Theme:      WW2     

Only available in a Boxless Format. NEW Copy. Images shown are for illustrative purposes only.

Whistling Death is the third game in J D Webster's WWII Fighting Wings series. Containing 110 scenarios (that's one hundred ten, folks) ranging from flight training (3), introductory air combat (5), air-to air combat (58), air-to-ground (4), air-naval (32), and mission level (8), it features 40 distinctive aircraft and numerous ship types. The only facet of the war in the Pacific missing from this game is ground support.

The game comes with the following components:

420 aircraft counters (1/2 inch square)
140 ship counters (1/2 x 1 inch)
60 ship counters (3/4 x 2 inch) which must be cut-out by the player
1 map
Rule book
Scenario book
Aircraft/ship data cards
Player aids

Aircraft covered are:

A6M2, A6M3, and A6M5 Zero; A6M2-N Rufe; J2M3 Jack; N1K2-J George; Ki.43-lla Oscar; Ki.61-lb Tony; Ki.84-la Frank; F1M2 Pete; D3A2 Val; B5N2 Kate; D4Y2, D4Y3 Judy; B6N2 Jill; MXY7 Ohka; G4M1, G4M2 Betty; H8K2 Emily; and P1Y1 Frances.

F2A-3 Buffalo; F4F-3 and F4F-4 Wildcat; FM-2 Wildcat; F6F-3 and F6F-5 Hellcat; F4U-1D and F4U-4 Corsair; P-39D Aircobra; P40E Warhawk; P-38G-10 Lightning; PBY-5A Catalina; TBD-1 Devastator; OS2U-3 Kingfisher; SBD-3 and SBD-5 Dauntless; TBF-1C and TBF 3 Avenger; SB2C -1C and SB2C-3 Helldiver.

Ships depicted, by class, are:

Yamato (BB), Kongo (BB), Kaga (CV), Shokaku (CV), Shoho (CVE), Myoko/Takao (CA), Nagara/Naka (CL), Kagaro/Yugumo (DE), Akazuki (DDAA), Matsu (DE), Ch13 (subchaser), Large, Medium and small merchant, Large, Medium and Small Landing Craft.

Lexington (CV), Yorktown (CV), Essex (CV), Casablanca (CVE), Pennsylvania (BB), South Dakota (BB), Brooklyn (CL), Atlanta/Oakland (CL), Sims (DD), Sumner (DD), Cimarron (Oiler), Ashland (LSD),PT boat (80' Elco),
Landing Craft (SCI and SCS), Landing Ship (LSM and LSM-R).

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