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Gorizia 1916

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Gorizia 1916 Map
Gorizia 1916 Counters 1

Product Description

Theme:      WW1     

Gorizia 1916, La sesta battaglia dell'Isonzo, designed by Andrea Brusati, is a low-medium complexity tactical game on the campaign conducted by the Italian forces against Austria, during August 1916.

This is a mini-monster, very playable game with many hundreds die-cut counters, one 22"x34" map with large hexes representing the theater of the Isonzo River, at a scale of 900m per hex, 1 day per game-turn. Each unit counter represents a battalion, or an artillery battery.

The game system is the same as its predecessor, Strafexpedition 1916



  • One 22"x34" map of  the battlefield
  • 1120 die-cut counters
  • Standard rules and Scenario Instructions (three small and one large Campaign Scenario)  
  • Charts, tables
  • Dice
  • Boxed

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