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Home Before the Leaves Fall

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Home before B

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Theme:      WW1      Pre-Owned      Andy's Picks      Un-Punched     

Excellent unpunched copy, content in great condition parts counters and some sheets are still in shrink, overall well looked after by previous owner. Box has minor scuffs/creases to it.

Game covers the campaign that took place in 1914 along the Western Front from the beginning of August 1914 until the beginning of November 1914. In addition to the Grand Campaign game, the scenarios highlight specific army actions during the Battle of the Frontiers, the Retreat from Mons and the Miracle of the Marne.
Two 34" x 22" maps represent NW Europe at a scale of five miles (eight kilometers) to the hex. Time scale is weekly turns with daily impulses. Over 2000 counters (over 3000 including markers) represent the battalions, regiments, brigades and divisions of the various nations featuring full-color period national symbols. Numerous charts (37) and two rule books (Exclusive Game Rules & Standard Game Rules) are included. Oh, and two dice.
One of the most detailed and comprehensive WW1 wargames ever published. As the promo on the box says " designed for the serious student of history."

The Marne Campaign 1914. High complex, 2 maps, 3080 counters, 24+ army charts and displays, weekly turns, daily impulses, 5 miles per hex, 2+ players, 6-20+ hours

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