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Special Ops Issue #4: What Price Glory? - France 1914-1918

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Excellent condition, un-punched copy. Minor ware to rule book.


The game What Price Glory? - France 1914-1918 from the International Game Series. It's most succinctly described as a card drive area/impulse game. It includes a 34" by 22" map, 176 counters and 48 cards.

A new Area/Impulse game and Card Driven Game (although not in the standard way) on the Western Front in World War One.

Units are approximately corps-sized, and each of the ten turns represents half a year. Each side alternates activating units to move or fight by card play, either as a "simple" action or by using the text on the cards for additional or enhanced actions, including play of card combinations. Players choose their hand of cards from their entire pool of available cards at the start of each turn, which rewards good planning and anticipation of opponent's plans. One Event card is added to the pool each turn starting on the third; these handle high-level options like submarine warfare or USA entry.

Also included are 2 ASL scenarios and 2 ASLSK scenarios.

Adam Starkweather contributes an article on Strategies in What Price Glory?

Malcolm Cameron offers his beginner's perspective on the OCS system.

Trevor Bender provides a unique article on using MMP Operation Market-Garden games for operations research. That is, replaying the campaign over and over to gather statistical data on the campaign.

Chas Argent adds a discussion and some of the thinking behind Rising Sun, the ASL module that combines the old Pacific theater modules Code of Bushido and Gung Ho.

Carl Fung gives us four news scenarios for the new SCS title It Never Snows.

Dick Vohlers provides a little history on Congressional Medal of Honor winner Joe Mann, a piece that had originally scheduled to be included in the historical notes section of the game Where Eagles Dare.

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