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Triumph of Chaos (1st Edition)

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Triumph of Chaos 1st Ed Rear
Triumph of Chaos 1st Ed Map
Triumph of Chaos 1st Ed Counters
Triumph of Chaos 1st Ed Red Action Card
Triumph of Chaos 1st Ed White Action Card

Product Description

Theme:      WW1     

Excellent condition unpunched copy

David Dockter's masterful work on the Russian Revolution is CoAG first foray into card driven simulations.


Four decks of cards, totalling 220
One 22" x 34" map
Two countersheets:

Why Order this game?

#1 Easy. Great history. All the characters are here; from the USA Polar Bear troops to Ukrainian anarchist Makhno to Yudenich's Northwest Army that almost took St.Petersburg to Slavo-British Legion to British AZ Squadron that almost bombed Moscow to the RED's Konarmiia {Cavalry Army}. And all the "what might have beens": intervention by Finland, adifferent outcome to the Soviet-Polish War, a Serbian Expenditionary Force, West Ukrainian independence, the "Violation of Ukraine", Churchill's wish for more Allied commitment, Van Der Goltz's enlistment of Baltischen Vertrauensrat.

#2 - An innovative design - mixing elements of the proven and popular
card driven games (PoG, FtP, BtB, etc) with a political system (inspired by Days of Decision) to gain control of 18 factions. Emphasis has been placed on "PLAYABILITY", while not sacrificing enough realism to make for "bad history".

#3 - The components. A significant amount of time and energy was
invested to produce a game that "feels, looks and smells"like the
conflict the game models.

#4 - A labor of love. The game has been painfully researched
and playtested to insure we deliver a high quality game.

#5 - A website devoted to the game. Check out
There are copies of components, a detailed description of the game,
after action reports, and wealth of other material.

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