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Army Group North (Game 1)

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Product Description

Theme:      WW2     

Army Group North is game 1 of the Barbarossa trilogy of games that can be combined together as a mini-monster. Each game by itself is a straight forward operational simulation of each theater, and all 3 games share the exact same rules allowing for easy integration. Units are Divisions along with Army HQs and some Air Units.

Army Group North covers Von Leeb’s ascent into the Baltic states in his attempt to blitzkrieg Leningrad. While performing extraordinarily well, a long drawn out siege resulted which eventually led to a German withdraw. AGN gives players the chance to do one better than Von Leeb, with the other two games in the series, the player may even borrow a Panzergruppe or 2 from AGC…

WEIGHT: 4/10


PLAYERS: 1-2, up to 6 players with AGC and AGS

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