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Buffalo Wings 2 - The Deluxe Reprint

Number: 29

Price £32.95
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Product Description

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This retailer version will NOT contain all of the KS Extras, as they won't fit in the box. This second printing will get some upgrades, including the new Tiger Wings beginner rules 2.0, the 20 extra counters, the new Wings of the Motherland compatible map, and the separate game charts on cardstock sheets (plus the box and dice). This has been confirmed with the publisher.


The issue covers the "Winter Wars" between Finland and the USSR, sometimes independent and then as part of WW2. The title comes from a plane -- the Brewster Buffalo -- which was woefully unsuccessful when used by US and British forces, but which the Finns adapted into a very useful fighter, which they nicknamed the "Sky Pearl." (Yeah, they liked it a lot!)

Counter art is being redone as part of the "upgrade.”

The original Buffalo Wings was also popular because it served as an 'intro' game to the entire "Fighting Wings" series -- games from J.D. Webster that are among the most popular air battle board games of all time. Though presented as an 'easy intro' to the series, the cards and materials are fully compatible with the entire Fighting Wings series, so if folks want to get deeper and into more complexity, they can still use everything they get in Buffalo Wings 2.

"Is it just a reprint?"

Good question. At first we said "Yes and No," because we were thinking most of the magazine articles would be kept just like the original but there would be a number of changes to the GAME portion. On further review, our artist is laying things out somewhat differently, adding more art, making it more attractive. And yes, the rules portion is getting a big lift, with some editing to the rules to cover questions and errata plus streamlining and improvements that the designer has forged into the system as the game evolved over the years. So it's an understatement to call this a 'reprint.' It's a full upgrade!

Even better, we will be looking to include more "Aircraft Data Cards" (the handy charts which capture everything that makes one plane different from another) than in the original Issue #29, plus bringing in ways to make the bombers in the game perform as individual planes (they were rather generic in the original).

Note details, like the winter camo on the DB-3B.

We have made some improvements to the counter sheets, especially all the things that aren't airplanes. You can spot some in the art below. Tanks and artillery that aren't just "symbols." Ground terrain that looks like STUFF!

If seeing tanks and artillery 'hints' that Buffalo Wings 2 can have ground attack rules, you'd be guessing correctly! Purchasers here will get Bombing and Ground Attack rules-- and extra scenarios for them!

In other great news about the reprint, we’ve redone the map, bringing it up to "current standards," and in fact, matching the style used in the most recent "Fighting Wings" release, Wings of the Motherland (from Clash of Arms Games) which looks at the German/Soviet air war from 1941-1945. Our map will more than "match the style." It's going to be designed to physically match up with the Wings of the Motherland maps, offering new and larger scenario options.

Here is a slice of the new map.

So that sums up where we're going with this. We hate that the original Buffalo Wings is out of print (copies are selling for way over $100), and, while we "reprint" it, we want to make it even better than the original. This is definitely a VALUE-ADDED project!

Buffalo Wings 2 captures a cool, unusual period in WW2 history (with great historical articles in the magazine!). It's a great intro to one of the most popular air combat games, and brings with it upgrades to rules, art, components, and more. It's not an appetizer, but we think Buffalo Wings 2 is very appetizing! Hope you agree!

Buffalo Wings 2 and Issue #29 of ATO
Map - One full color 22"x34" double-sided mapsheet
Counters - 280 full color 1/2" die-cut pieces
Rules length - 16 pages
Charts and tables - 16 pages
Extra Rules, Planes and Scenarios - 32 pages
Complexity - Medium
Playing time - Up to 2 hours
How challenging is it solitaire? - Good

Design - John D. Webster
Development - Lembit Tohver and Stephen Rawling
Graphic Design - David Freidrichs with Ian Wedge

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