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C3I Magazine: The Battle for Kursk

Number: 34

Price £33.95
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Product Description

Theme:      WW2      Magazines and Books      1 to 2 Players     

Welcome to the first installment in the C3i Combined Arms Series, designed by Trevor Bender (designer of the critically acclaimed COVID-19 Pandemic Scenario). Nr 34's featured game, Kursk: The Tigers Are Burning 1943, puts you in the tank driver's seat as the German Summer offensive roars over the fields of Ukraine and the Russians rush to meet them. The scale is vast and your choices are many, but because of the efficiency of design, those who played Mark Herman's games in our past issues (Gettysburg, Waterloo) should feel comfortable reading the short rulebook and playing in no time. 

This issue of C3i Magazine, along with the game rulebook and many inserts, boasts over 100 pages of quality content. Featured are in depth articles covering many of this year's best games, upcoming games, and some retrospectives on the history of the hobby. GBoH, Fields of Fire, Undaunted: Normandy, and OCS are just some of the games covered in this issue. Plus, for those who loved Waterloo, Mark Herman breaks down some opening strategies you can try out in your next play through!


• Over 100 pages of content, C3i Nr 34 features "Kursk: The Tigers are Burning, 1943" the first installment in the C3i Combined Arms series, designed by Trevor Bender
(includes a large 22x34" map and 114 counters!)

• Articles on board games Fields of Fire, SPQR, OCS, Undaunted: Normany, France 1944 and more!

• Inserts for The Hunters, Empire of the Sun, C3i Nr 33's Battle of Issy, For the People, Stalingrad '42, Imperial Struggle and others!

• Also includes a BONUS Standalone Solitaire Game, FIREBASE VIETNAM!


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