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Europa Magazine (double issue with 60)

Number: 59

Price £9.95
Game Series

Product Description

Theme:      WW2      Magazines and Books     

Please note 59 is 59/60, they are one magazine. A double issue.


- “COMPANY BRIEFING: Bite Me” (Commentary) Winston Hamilton
- “FROM THE EDITOR: Risky Business” (Editorial) Frank Watson
- Second Front – “INSIDE EUROPA: Crating Air Units, Off-Map Movement, Q&A” (Variant Discussion) John Astell
- Second Front / War in the Desert – “HOME FRONT - SECOND FRONT: Some Second Front/War in the Desert House Rules” (Variant Discussion) Rich C. Velay
- Second Front – “BATTLEFIELD REPORT: Second Front, British Columbian Style” (Series Replay) Peter Robbins and Rich C. Velay
- Second Front – “POINT/COUNTERPOINT: French Geography Lessons” (Discussion) Arnaud Delaunay and John Astell
- Second Front – “OPERATIONS: Second Front: Assault on Alderney” (Strategy) Alan Tibbetts
- Second Front – “HOME FRONT - SECOND FRONT: The Southwest England Off-Map Area” (Variant) Alan Tibbetts
- Second Front – “EUROPA CAMPAIGN SCENARIO: Operation Overlord - An Abbreviated Second Front Campaign Scenario” (Scenarios) Frank Watson
- Second Front – “EUROPA CAMPAIGN SCENARIO: Victory in the West” (Scenarios) James A. Broshot and Frank Watson
- Second Front – “EUROPA AS HISTORY: The Battle for Normandy” (Historical) Frank Watson
- “TEM INDEX: The Europa Magazine Index, Issues #1 - 60” (Insert) Kurt Schletter
- “HISTORICAL BACKGROUND: U.S. Produced Aircraft - More Data” (Historical) Phil D. Hernandez
- “EUROPA ALOFT: "Jug" is for "Juggernaut": The Republic P-47 Thunderbolt” (Historical) James A. Broshot
- Second Front – “PLAY AIDS: Second Front Counter Reprint Reproduction Supplement (Fronts)” (Insert)
- Second Front – “RULES COURT: Second Front Questions and Answers” (Discussion) Rich C. Velay with John Astell
- Second Front – “RULES COURT: Second Front Official Errata Addendum: 3 March, 1998” (Discussion) John Astell
- “THE READER ALWAYS HAS THE LAST WORD: EXchange” (Commentary) Readership

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