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For Motherland! The Russian Front, 1941-44

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For Motherland! The Russian Front, 1941-44 is the all-new, single map game design by renown Japanese game designer, Masahiro Yamazaki. This edition features a mounted map and delivers an imminently-playable version of his original, two-map War for the Motherland release that can be played to completion in a single sitting.

The game begins with Operation Barbarossa marking the German invasion of the Soviet Union, and culminates towards the end of the war when the Russians had effectively driven back the German forces and were entering the final stages of the epic struggle on the Eastern Front when the tide had completely turned. The game includes four variable turn scenarios: Operation Barbarossa (1 to 7 Game-Turns), The Road to Stalingrad (1 to 12 Game-Turns), Fall Blau (8 to 17 Game-Turns), and War for the Motherland campaign (1 to 22 Game-Turns). One of the nice new twists implemented for the strength chit system is the variable and increasing combat chit strength for the Soviets over time to model the increasing combat effectiveness of the Soviet Armies.

This all-new game design borrows from some of the lessons learned from the larger two-map game, War for the Motherland, and compacts the scope and design of the game into a very playable yet illuminating game covering the struggle for the Eastern Front that can be completed in a single sitting. For example, the larger War for the Motherland game involves more units and takes 40 turns to complete, whereas this compact design has fewer units and only takes 22 turns to complete. Players will also appreciate the upgraded components featuring a mounted game map and 9/16" counters. For the East Front aficionado, this is a must-buy for those familiar with Yamazaki's great contributions in covering the East Front who now delivers this sleek, new compact design.


Product Information:

  • Complexity: 5 out of 10
  • Solitaire Suitability: 7 out of 10 (no hidden units)
  • Time Scale: 1 or 2 months per turn
  • Map Scale: 74 km per hex
  • Unit Scale: Army (Soviets, Axis Minors) and Corps (German)
  • Players: one to two, best with two
  • Playing Time: 2-5 hours for scenarios, 8+ hours for campaign



  • Mounted mapboard
  • Two countersheets (9/16" size)
  • Rules booklet
  • Two player aid cards
  • Axis Order of Appearance Display
  • Soviet Order of Appearance Display
  • One six-sided die
  • Box and Lid


Game Credits:

  • Designer: Masahiro Yamazaki
  • Graphic Design: Masahiro Yamazaki
  • Package Design: Masahiro Yamazaki, Brien Miller
  • Project Director: John Kranz

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