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Frontline General: Spearpoint 1943 - Eastern Front

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Theme:      WW2     

Award-Winning Spearpoint 1943 Eastern Front continues the fast-paced two-player tactical card wargame action set in WWII on the Eastern Front. Spearpoint 1943 Eastern Front, as a new base set in the series, is a standalone game and adds all new Soviet and German units, new Command and Damage Cards, Quick Reference and Scenario Cards, Event Cards, and more!

Spearpoint 1943 Eastern Front won a Grogheads Reader's Choice Award for Best Tabletop Expansion of 2015!

All cards are compatible with the original Spearpoint 1943 game, adding new options for players with both sets. In addition, Spearpoint 1943 Eastern Front is also compatible with our Origins Award Nominated Spearpoint 1943 Village and Defensive Line Map Expansion to take the tactical rules even further with terrain and additional rules and scenarios. A new Scenario Booklet will be released for free to supplement the existing booklet included with the Map Expansion. 110 Unit Cards feature an assortment of historical German and Soviet squad level infantry, artillery, armor, and aircraft. 55 Command Cards give support, intel, and other bonuses and control to players. 25 Damage Cards apply unique Damage Effects if a unit becomes damaged. 10 Event Cards supplement the 12 Scenario Cards and add intrigue to each game.

Combat is quick and tense and resolves using four included d10 dice. Standard and Scenario games play in about 30 minutes including setup. Be sure to pick up the Spearpoint 1943 Eastern Front Heavy Weapons Expansion to add even more deck-building options. Also pick up a set of Spearpoint 1943 Eastern Front Tracking Counters- 1" square and die-cut, these counters make games of Eastern Front even easier and is a highly recommended accessory (available only in our online store).


220 Cards (Unit, Command, Damage, Event, Scenario Cards, Quick Reference Cards, Promo Cards)
4 D10 Dice (2 Gray and 2 Red)
Rules Booklet
12 historically-based scenarios cover selected Soviet-German battles during 1943

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