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Operation Olympic: The Invasion of Japan (solo)

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Theme:      WW2      Magazines and Books      Solitaire     

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A Very Good Condition Punched Copy (includes Flat Box Front Cover).

Strategy & Tactics No.45 Jul-Aug 1974


Operation Olympic (J.Dunnigan, R.Simonsen)

The game is based on a hypothetical invasion of Kyushu, Japan in November 1945. Pieces are at a regiment and brigade level. The Japanese forces are driven by a set of simple rules. Low complex, 200 counters, 1 player (2-player option), 3 hours.


Operation Olympic - F.Davis
- The Invasion of Japan 1945

Science Fiction Futures - S.Patrick, J.Boardman, R.Simonsen
- A Critical Survey

Sackson on Games - S.Sackson

Pass in Review - A.Nofi

Seelowe Game Notes - I.Hardy, J.Young
- Players notes, Designers notes

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