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Operation Typhoon: The German Assault on Moscow

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Product Description

Theme:      WW2      Pre-Owned      Damaged      Andy's Picks     

Excellent condition unpunched copy except that the box lid has been damaged (repaired)

Includes a copy of the Unofficial Edition 3 rules, plus 5x counter trays (no lids)

PI's Operation Typhoon simulates German attempt to capture Moscow 1941. It uses a variation of the Panzergruppe Guderian system that eventually became the Victory in the West system (including Patton's Third ArmyOperation Grenade, and Sicily).

This is a big game, three maps but is a very playable monster game and a terrific multi player game. It was the first SPI game to use the concept of variable unit strength.

Units are rated for size and morale but actual strengths (fog of war) are determined by drawing a chit randomly at the point where your unit first enters combat.


Game Equipment:

  • Three 22" x 34" map sheets forming a 66" x 34" play area
  • 800 die-cut half-inch square counters (4 counter sheets)
  • Rulebook
  • 2 Reference cards
  • 1 box
  • 2 dice
  • 2 counter trays


Game Scale:

  • 2.7 miles per hex
  • 1 day per game turn



  • Three single-map, 16 turn scenarios
  • One three-map, 16 turn campaign game
  • One three-map, 31 turn extended campaign game

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