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Operations Special Issue - Iwo Jima

Number: 1

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Product Description

Theme:      WW2      Magazines and Books      ASL     

Very good unpunched condition

Table of Contents:

  • Bastogne for the Standard Combat Series
  • Driving on Fumes, as Ordered!
  • The Low Blow - invading Fortress Europe through the Netherlands (for The Mighty Endeavor)
  • Learning Wargames with simple Afrika
  • Stuff that didn't get into Strike Them A Blow
  • Assault on Rotterdam - an extended scenario for Fallschirmjaeger
  • Soviet Leader Units in RSR
  • Armies of the Wehrmacht in RSR
  • Hinge of Fate - 1942 - A new scenario for Shifting Sands
  • Valor of the Guards - a primer to Central Stalingrad
  • Making Waves - scenario analysis for ASLSK
  • XXX Corps, A Race to Arnhem - German strategy for Monty's Gamble
  • Warriors of God Leader Profiles
  • Salamanca review
  • Take me to Waterloo
  • An interview with Dean Essig

Cool Stuff:

  • IGS game Iwo Jima - Rage Against The Marines with 88 5/8" counters, two maps, 8 pages of rules, 1 force screen


  • ASL scenario Fire on the Volga converted to use VotG map
  • ASLSK scenario Ripples on the Pond
  • ASLSK scenario Going to New York
  • SCS Fallschirmjaeger variant 1/2" counters

In addition to the sheet of Iwo Jima counters, Operations Special Edition #1 also contains the following on a second sheet.

The 1/2" counters are:

  • 76 Fallschirmjaeger variant counters 
  • 4 A Fearful Slaughter replacement counters 
  • 9 Korea replacement counters 
  • 1 blank

The 5/8" counters are:

  • 17 Monty's Gamble: Market Garden replacement counters
  • 15 The Devil's Cauldron All are straight replacements for the same named counter in the box except for the D/10/4 - which replaces C/10/4 - and some added convenience markers.

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