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Panzer Battles

Number: 73

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Theme:      WW2      Magazines and Books     

Very good quality unpunched copy.

S&T #73 3/79

Data File: British Army, 1979 Editors
Data File: Chemical Agents Editors
For Your Eyes Only Editors
Mongols & their Impact on the Medieval West Ralph Vickers
Panzer Battles: The Evolution of Mechanized Warfare, 1939-1979 David C. Isby
Simulation: Panzer Battles T. Walczyk, R. Simonsen

Game of Tactical Armored Warfare in World War II. Game comes with 3 scenarios : Arracourt, Defense of the Berlin Highway and Action Near Gazala. Game scale: Each hex = 200 mtrs, each counter = 1 platoon.
Emphasis on command control and doctrine for each nationality. Orders are selected by the player for his companies. Available orders: Bound, overwatch, bounding overwatch, withdraw and rally.

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