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Panzer PaK 2: Kursk Campaign Guide

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Panzer Pak 2 Master Page
Panzer Pak 2 Master Page A
Panzer Pak 2 Card A
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Product Description

Theme:      WW2     

Undoubtedly the most recognized confrontation of the war on the Eastern Front, Kursk typically triggers visions of massed armor flowing across the open fields of the Russian steppes. Never in the history of the conflict had the German and Soviet high commands committed the magnitude of tanks, assault guns and a multitude of self-propelled weapons. Both sides were staking the very outcome of war on this single battle.

Four Panzer® TO&Es are presented for elite German divisions as they existed at the start of Operation Zitadelle (Kursk), 1 July 1943. Army level organizations and orders of battle are also included for German and Soviet forces.

This Module is an expansion for the Panzer Miniatures. Panzer PaK 2 contains additional German and Soviet Orders of Battle and unit data cards. Panzer Miniatures, Panzer Pak 1: East Front Organizations and Panzer PaK 2 provide the complete set of vehicle data cards for the Eastern Front.

Included components:

  • Scenarios—Three large scenarios for Kursk
  • Orders of Battle - Organizational information for the German and Soviet forces engaged in Kursk
  • Detailed German TO&E charts—A historical breakdown for four divisions — includes the Grossdeutschland Panzer Grenadier Division, 1st SS Panzer Grenadier Division, 2nd SS Panzer Grenadier Division and the 3rd SS Panzer Grenadier Division to the individual vehicle, gun and squad level as they appeared at the start of the Kursk offensive
  • Optional Rules—Hidden movement rules for Panzer
  • Unit Data Cards—56 new unit data cards (completes German and Soviet units)
  • Hidden Movement Cards - two hidden movement play cards

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