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Panzerblitz: Hill of Death

Price £49.95
Panzerblitz Hill of Death Counters A
Panzerblitz Hill of Death Counters B

Product Description

Theme:      WW2      Pre-Owned      Punched     

Product condition: used

Very Good Condition Punched Copy. Very light shelf-wear to the game box. Counters are punched and sorted into small zip-lock bags ready for play. The rules booklet has a touch of staple rust. Some 3rd party charts/player aids are included. I'm not sure where thay came from, but they could prove useful.

In the words of a Senior German Officer "He who holds Hill 112, holds Normandy”. 

Join the epic battle for this key feature and the control of Normandy. Take command of Infantry and Armor to control key terrain features on Hill 112 and the surrounding countryside. This epic battle waged for over 4 weeks with the hill and surrounding objectives changing hands several times. Can you take and hold this vital piece of high ground the key to Normandy? Panzerblitz: Hill of Death is based upon the timeless classics Panzerblitz and Panzer Leader. It has been thoroughly updated, though, to remove the known issues with the old games while adding a whole new artistic look. Panzerblitz: Hill of Death uses a single 22"x32" mapsheet which is based upon historical maps of the period. The hex scale is 250 yards/hex. Beautifully detailed, yet totally functional for the game, the maps reflect the battlefield as it actually was - no generic terrain for these battles. 8 scenarios are included in the game, varying in size from small to large so that gamers will be able to enjoy Panzerblitz: Hill of Death whether they have a whole Saturday of gaming lined up or an hour before its time to put the kids down for the night.

Panzerblitz Hill of Death Scenarios:

  • First Crack 8 turns, whole map 
  • Launch of Jupiter 10 turns, corner of map
  • End of Juniper 7 turns, small portion of map 
  • Take the Hill 7 turns, center of map
  • Overlooking Maltot 10 turns, pretty large, 1/3 of map
  • Twilight at Maltot 11 turns, 1/3 of map
  • No Happy Rest 7 turns, small portion of map
  • Pierced and Bloody 6 turns, small portion of map, quick game

Panzerblitz: Hill of Death Contents:

  • 1 22"x32" mapsheet
  • 2.5 countersheets 
  • 8 scenarios
  • Panzerblitz rules
  • Player Aid card
  • Two dice

Panzerblitz: Hill of Death creation team:

Designer: Darren Emge (with Special Thanks to Eric Miller)

Counter and Map Art: Nicolas Eskubi

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