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Primosole Bridge 14-17 July 1943

Price £14.95
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Product Description

Theme:      WW2     


"Most Primosole" war is a board game that uses the principle of the "Great Battles small branches." Clash of the bridge Primosole has been divided into two scenarios. At first, British paratroopers have to defend the bridge before kontratakującymi German troops. Giving historical trouble landing troops at the beginning of the game you need to determine which player has the British forces. In the game there are individuals who do not reach the battlefield. This allows you to see how the battle would have taken if airborne landing was carried out better. 

In the second scenario, by far the stronger party are British. This does not mean that they will fall easily win. First, they must not only master the bridge, but also the way that leads to Catania. Germany occupy a favorable terrain, and their defense is already consolidated. They may attempt to destroy the bridge and thus stop the attackers. 

Complete game consists of: 
- the board A3; 
- die-cut stack 108; 
- color instructions (8 pages); 
- 1 card scenarios; 
- 1 riser card. 

Note: The game does not contain a deck of cards, in which players must equip themselves. 

Playing time: 2 - 3 hours. 
A game for 2 people from 12 years.

The basic features of the "Great Battles small branches."

1. To settle all procedures, players use the traditional 52-card deck. Thanks to the cards played at the beginning of the game can affect the final result. This is a big difference compared to throw the dice, which are independent of each other. 

2. The stage can be activated only one army troops, but about the fact that the player will decide the fate of the initiative. The chance of having the initiative changes in each stage. This forces the player is careful and maximize the efficient planning of their activities, because the next step may not be an opportunity to rectify errors. 

3. In the game have been woven random events (sniper, change orders, etc.), Which can reverse the course of events and at the same time bring players in climate battle. 

4. Minor modifications to the basic principles allow the presentation of single vehicles or department that supported the combatants. 

Due to the simple procedure, games based on the principles of this system are well suited for people just starting their adventure with board games. Experienced players also should be pleased, since they have to decide not only about the actions taken, but also the manner of their execution.

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