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Rally Point: A Special Study of Mapboards 7a/b, 8a/b and 9a/b

Number: 9

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Theme:      WW2      Magazines and Books      ASL     

Rally Point Volume 9: A Special Study of Mapboards 7a/b, 8a/b and 9a/b is a collection of 10 new scenarios, each of which uses at least one of the new double-wide map boards that were released in ASL Action Pack 9: The River. These 10 scenarios were handmade by the Tampa ASL Group's fine craftsmen and are presented in the Schwerpunkt easy-to-read format on high-quality card stock.

RPT81 Garski’s Fusilade - TRAIMONT, Belgium, 11 May 1940: A Belgian patrol conducts an area reconnaissance of a German-held crossroads on board 7a, breaks contact and then makes a fighting withdrawal. Game length is 5. turns.

RPT82 Montiguidi Mambo - MONTIGUIDI, Italy, 27 June 1944: Task Force Cole attacks with two rifle platoons with supporting tanks and TD’s to clear board 9a’s hilltop village. Game length is 4.5 turns.

RPT83 Mile Peg 61 - MUAR, Malaya, 15 January 1942: The Japanese 5th Division attacks with CHI-HA and HA-GO tanks and infantry to clear a Australian held road covered by 2-pounder anti-tank guns. This 5.5 turn scenario uses board 7a.

RPT84 Kiwi and the Cat- Sfacciata, Italy, 3 August 1944:New Zealand Sherman tanks and infantry attack to clear a stubborn group of Germans with a Tiger tank defending the road on boards 5a and 7b. This tournament-level scenario has a game length of 4.5 turns.

RPT85 Choiseul Few - SANGIGAI, Island of Choiseul, 30 October 1943: The Japanese 6th Infantry Division must penetrate a screen of Paramarines while simultaneously conducting a retrograde operation. This scenario is set on board 8a with a game length of 5.5 turns.

RPT86 No Quarter Requested - Near the Ising River, The Philippines, 9 May 1945: The Japanese 100th Division attacks to clear Filipino Guerrilla partisans from a jungle village on board 7a. Game length is 4.5 turns.

RPT87 Kool Running - North of CASTELVETRANO, Sicily, 22 July 1943: The American 2nd Armored Division is attacking German anti-tank guns supported by the Italian Aosta Division. This scenario has a game length of 6.5 turns and is set on board 9a.

RPT88 Pape’s Incursion - NIKOLSKOJE, Russia, 10 February 1942: A mixed force of SS and regular German units with panzers attack to clear elements of the Russian 32nd Cavalry Division from the board 8a village in this tense 4.5 turn scenario.

RPT89 Something Borrowed - GRUSHINO, Russia, 12 May 1942: The Russian 38th Tank Brigade attacks with Lend-lease Matildas and Valentine tanks to clear the Germans out of the village on board 9a. This scenario has a game length of 5.5 turns.

RPT90 Need a Ticket to Ride - CZERCASY STATION, Russia, 31 March 1944: Surrounded and desperate, the 5th SS (Wiking) Division defends a small village and tries to break out of encirclement. This 5 turn scenario uses boards 7b, 9a, and 34.

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