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Rally Point: ASL Compatible Scenario Pack

Number: 2

Price £22.95
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Theme:      WW2      Magazines and Books      ASL     

Rally Point Volume 2 is an ASL/ASL Starter Kit Compatible scenario pack from the Tampa ASL Group. Each scenario is fully compatible with full ASL rules and ASL Starter Kit Rules. These 10 scenarios were playtested with consideration for both rules sets and are presented in the Schwerpunkt easy-to-read format on high-quality cardstock.

ASL players need boards t, u, v, w, x, y, and z to play these scenarios. ASL Starter Kit Players need Starter Kits 1, 2, and 3 to play the scenarios. This edition of Rally Point is intended to unite ASLers and ASL Starter Kit players through a common set of scenarios.

  • RPT11 Butchers And Bakers: The Welsh Regiment attacks a small German infantry detachment on board y. This a 5.5 turn, all infantry, tournament level scenario.
  • RPT12 Retreat From Bairak: The German 429th Infantry Division, covered by PzIII's, withdraw under pressure from the Russian 169th Infantry Division and its supporting KV-1 M41 and T-34 tanks. This 5.5 turn scenario uses boards y and z.
  • RPT13 A Handful Of Howdy: American's from the 84th Infantry Division attack to clear a reinforced German machine gun platoon from the board v and x hills/buildings near Wegberg, Germany in this 4.5 turn, all infantry, tournament action.
  • RPT14 Keitel And Cox: CECINA, Italy, 1 July 1944: Sherman tanks supporting the 34th Infantry Division attack SS Panzer Grenadier Division 16 and a Tiger tank in this 4.5 turn thriller, set on board z.
  • RPT15 Comrade Klimenkov: OGLENDUV, Poland, 13 August 1944: This heavy-metal East Front action features Panzer Division 16 and its supporting Tiger tanks defending against IS-2M tanks and Russian infantry in this medium-sized, 6.5 turn, combined arms action set on boards u and v.
  • RPT16 Miracle At Sinagoga: SINAGOGA, Italy, 16 May 1944: This 6.5 turn action features two companies of British infantry and Sherman tanks in a combined arms attack against Germans from the 15th Panzer Grenadier Division. With a FlaK 18, mortars, assault guns, and PzIVs, this medium-sized scenario has plenty of replay value and lots of room to maneuver on boards t, v, and w.
  • RPT17 Hetzer Hunters: DURBOSLAR, Germany 19 November 1944: The 246th Volksgrenadier Division attacks with a company of infantry and three Hetzers to clear the American 116th Infantry Regiment from the key terrain on boards u and w in 5.5 turns.
  • RPT18 Worker's Settlement No. 8: Brian Williams designed this 5.5 turn tournament-level scenario that features a Russian infantry company and a T-34 M41 attacking elements of the German 227th Infantry Division with a Pak 38, defending on boards x and y.
  • RPT19 Mercury Rising: Hugh Downing penned this 6.5 turn gem that has an Allied force of New Zealand and Greek Infantry defending on boards v and y, verses a two-pronged German infantry attack.
  • RPT20 The Trouble With Tigers: Pete Shelling rounds out Rally Point #2 with an old fashioned Eastern Front, heavy metal slug-match. This baby has a company of German infantry, King Tigers, PzIVJs and assault guns attacking Russian infantry and their 122mm guns. Boards v, x, and z, provide lots of room to maneuver, while the reinforcing Russian IS-2s and T-34/85s make this scenario an exciting combined arms action.

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