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Rally Point: ASL Compatible Scenario Pack

Number: 3

Price £22.95
Game Series

Product Description

Theme:      WW2      Magazines and Books      ASL     

Rally Point Volume 3 is a collection of new scenarios, hand-picked from the Schwerpunkt archives. These 10 scenarios are presented in the Schwerpunkt easy-to-read format on high-quality cardstock.

RPT21 Gotterdammerung!: Waidhoffen, Germany, 9 May 1945: German infantry, PzIVJs and a Jagdtiger are desperately trying to escape to the grasp of a Company of T34/85s. Can the Germans destroy their own vehicles and escape? This tense tournament action is set on half boards 4, 42, 44, and 47. Game Length: 4.5 turns.

RPT22 Convente Beato Sante: Mombaroccio, Italy, 26 August 1944: Canadians infantry and Churchill IVs must clear a reinforced German platoon from a half-board 15 hilltop pillbox/trench complex. Game Length: 4.5 turns.

RPT23 The Bavent Recce: Normandy, France, 9 June 1944: A Canadian Airborne platoon must clear check points and find a German mortar platoon, while avoiding casualties. This tense tournament action portray one of ASLs rarest situations- the reconnaissance patrol. This scenario uses board 24. Game Length: 4.5 turns.

RPT24 Farmyard Affray: Normandy, France, 7 June 1944: Canadian Airborne conducts a raid on a board 42, German-occupied farm and and then must withdraw, while a German PzIVH and infantry pursue them. This is tournament action at its finest. Game Length: 5 turns.

RPT25 Cornwalls' Rum Ration: Bruggerhof, Germany, 19 November 1944: German infantry supported by StuG IIIGs and a FlaK Pz IV/37 must make a tough choice is this split objective attack on a British defended village set on boards 22 and 42. Game Length: 4.5 turns.

RPT26 A Cross In Gold: Gunstett, Germany, 16 March 1945: This is the big honkin' scenario of the pack in which American infantry, Shermans and M-10 GMCs must cross a stream under fire and establish a bridgehead in the face of a determined group of Germans supported by Jagdtigers. This scenario uses boards 41 and 50. Game Length: 6.5 turns.

RPT27 Sycamore And Succotash: Namur, Kwajalein Atoll. 1 February 1944: U.S. Maries storm a Japanese held island (board 49) and have nearly cleared it when a torpedo magazine explodes. Can you clear the Japanese out of their bunker before the torpedoes explode? Game Length: 5.5 turns.

RPT28 Polozkov Push: Kirpercheny, Romanian Bessarabia, 6 April 1944: The Russian 170th Tank Brigade with T-34/M43s and SU-85s try to penetrate German screening force of infantry Panthers and PzIVs and exit. This scenario is set on boards 17 and 44. Game Length: 6.5 turns.

RPT29 The Sound Of Hoof Beats: Mielewo-Glinki Region, East Prussia, 2 September 1939: Mike Faulkner designed this Polish cavalry attack on a German defended village set on boards v and 12. Game Length: 6.5 turns.

RPT30 Knocking On The Front Door: Narva, U.S.S.R., 14 March 1944: Brian Williams designed this Russian Guards attack supported by KV-1Ss and T-70s. German SS units must try to defend a cemetery and church on boards 53 and 54. Game Length: 5.5 turns.

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