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Rally Point: ASL Scenario Pack - Sons of the Rising Sun

Number: 8

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Theme:      WW2      Magazines and Books      ASL     

This is a special study of the Pacific Theater of Operations. It includes 10 new scenarios from the Tampa ASL Group. This special study of the PTO is intended to compliment the newly released ASL module, Rising Sun by providing players with tournament-level scenarios designed with the modern-era style of ASL play in mind.

RPT71 Monatake Mambo - LOUODIAN, China, 23 August 1937: A company of Chinese fight a meeting engagement against Japanese advancing south across board 22 to seize the board 49 village. Game length is 5 turns.

RPT72 Yangtze Doodle - TANGBEIZHAI, China 5 October 1937: Japanese surround a beleaguered Chinese garrison on board 66 and tries to hold on until Chinese reinforcements arrive. Game length is 5 turns.

RPT73 Sausage Hill - South of LAMLAI Burma, 26 June 1944: The Japanese 15th Division attacks with flamethrowers to clear a hill occupied by two platoons of entrenched Indian infantry with a supporting mortar. This 4.5 turn scenario uses boards 2 and 61.

RPT74 Saigon Shuffle - Saigon, Vietnam, 25 September 1945: A mixed force of Indian infantry and French Colonialists attack to clear a stubborn group of Japanese and Viet Minh from the buildings and huts on board 38. Game length is 4.5 turns.

RPT75 Strike the Seventh - KUZEIK, Burma, 7 February 1942: The Japanese 33rd Infantry Division conducts a night attack across boards 39 and 46 to clear elements of the Indian 17th Division off a hill, while exiting a few units off the board. Game length is 6.5 turns.

RPT76 Duropa Plantation - CAPE ENDAIADERE, Papua New Guinea, 18 December 1942: The 2/6th Australian Armoured Regiment attacks with infantry and Stuart tanks to clear Japanese pillboxes and trenches on board 35. Game length is 4.5 turns.

RPT77 Go tell it to the Mountain - Mount Samat, Bataan, The Philippines, 4 April 1942: The Japanese 4th Division attacks elements of the Philippine Army entrenched on board 5a in this 5.5 turn action.

RPT78 Bounty Hunters - TAUNGGYI, Burma, 25 April 1942: A company of infantry from the Chinese 200th Division along with supporting T-26 tanks attacks to clear the Japanese 15th Division from buildings on board 2a in this action packed 5.5 turn scenario.

RPT79 Blooded! - LOG CROSSING, Papua New Guinea, 15 September 1943: The Japanese 51st Division is fleeing the Australian 7th Division when paratroops from the American 503rd Parachute Infantry Regiment intercept them. This 5.5 turn action uses board 36.

RPT80 Hot Boxing - TAUNG BAZAAR, Burma, 7 February 1944: The Japanese 112th Infantry attempts to clear the 4/8th Gurkhas from a hill bunker complex just as Lee tanks from the 25th come to aid the defenders. This 5.5 turn scenario uses boards 61 and 62.

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