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Rally Point: ASL Scenario Pack - The Best of Pete Shelling

Number: 10

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This is a collection of 10 scenarios designed by the world renowned scenario designer, Pete Shelling and that were previously released in Schwerpunkt Volumes 11 through 17. This volume of Rally Point is aimed at those ASL players who do not already own Schwerpunkt, but who do enjoy the work of that genius of scenario design, Pete Shelling. So, for those of you who do, this pack is for you. This pack does not contain any new scenarios, so if you already own Schwerpunkt, you already have these scenarios.

Each of the 10 scenarios is printed on cardstock in Schwerpunkt’s easy-to-read format. These scenarios are in keeping with the Schwerpunkt tradition of tournament-sized as well as medium-sized actions. There's something is this pack for players of all experience levels!

RPT91 The Tiger’s Whiskers - Teterovino, Russia, 7 July 1943: SS infantry, motorcycles & 4 Tiger tanks attack the Russian 29th Anti-Tank Brigade on boards 18 & 19 in an attempt to reach Prokhorovka. This tourna-max level scenario will test both the Russian's deception plan & the German's panzer tactics. (From Schwerpunkt Volume 11)

RPT92 To No Avail - Stepanovka, USSR, 30 July 1943: This 6.5 turn Eastern Front city fight is set on boards 1 and 49. The SS 2nd Panzer Grenadier Division "Das Reich" attacks to clear the area of the 2nd Guards Mechanized Corps. This thrilling action will test your German halftrack tactics & Russian defensive skill. (From Schwerpunkt Volume 12)

RPT93 A Siege of Their Own - Velikeye Luki, USSR, 10 January 1943: A German infantry company supported by a 88L AA & a 75* INF defends boards 10 & 46 in the face of a Russian attack consisting of 13 squads & a platoon of KV tanks. A German counterattack of 5 squads, a StuG IIIB & a Marder II makes this a very exciting 7 turn scenario with lots of options & re-playability. (From Schwerpunkt Volume 13)

RPT94 Trigger Happy Joes - Marnach, Luxembourg, 16 December 1944: This 6.5 turn scenario features elements of the 2nd Panzer Division attacking with PzIVs and JgPz IV/70s to clear the American 110th Infantry from the village of Marnach. Boards 42 and 46 are need to play this scenario. (From Schwerpunkt Volume 14)

RPT95 Mühlenkamp's Miracle - Kovel, Russia, 2 April 1944: Elements of the 5th SS Panzer Division attacks with infantry and Panthers to clear a troublesome group of Russians from along the road on boards 13 and 38. Game Length: 6.5 turns. (From Schwerpunkt Volume 14)

RPT96 Brittany Speared - Les Coates, Brittany, France 8 September 1944: Elements of the American 13th Infantry Regiment, 8th Infantry Division with 2 Sherman tanks attack to capture 2 hills by clearing German Fallschirmjägers from pillboxes & trenches. This 5.5 turn tournament-level action is set on board 55. (From Schwerpunkt Volume 15)

RPT97 Encircle This! - Karcag, Hungary, 12 October 1944: Elements of the 13th Panzer Division with Panthers, halftracks & infantry attempt to break out of encirclement after the Soviet 1st Guards surrounded them at Karcag. Set on two half-boards 49 & 51, this 6.5 turn scenario is an action-packed thriller. (From Schwerpunkt Volume 15)

RPT98 Tatra Salad - Strenco, Slovakia, 31 August 1944: Elements of Slovak 1st Defense Region defend a hill and nearby buildings against an attack by Panzer Division Tatra's Tiger I, PzIVJs, a StuG IIIG, and their supporting panzer grenadiers. This 7.5 turn gem, set on half-boards 2, 18, 50, and 55. (From Schwerpunkt Volume 16)

RPT99 Rock the Csaba - Ketegaza, Hungary, 26 September 1944: Elements of the Hungarian 51st Armored Gun Battalion defends with Nimrods against the Russian 203rd Rifle Division and its supporting SU-76ms. This action-packed, 5.5 turn "clash" of arms is set on board 59. (From Schwerpunkt Volume 16)

RPT100 Chaos Crossing - Nagyvarad, Hungary, 12 October 1944: This 5.5 turn gem is set on boards 20 and 51. It features a mixed force of German & Hungarian infantry defending a bridge while Russian infantry and Stalin tanks close in from three sides. There is a lot of thrilling action in this medium-sized scenario. (From Schwerpunkt Volume 17)

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