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Rally Point: ASL Scenario Pack - The Yanks are Coming!

Number: 13

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Theme:      WW2      Magazines and Books      ASL     

This is a collection of 10 all new scenarios, featuring U.S. Army Actions in World War II. These 10 scenarios were handmade by the Tampa ASL Group's fine craftsmen and are presented in the Schwerpunkt easy-to-read format on high-quality card stock.

RPT121 Fireball! - ELSDORF, Germany, 26 February 1945: Elements of the 33rd Armored Regiment (including a Pershing tank) attack clear a Tiger tank and some panzergrenadiers away from roadblocks in this 4.5 turn scenario set on board 53.

RPT122 Let’er Buck - DISOTTA, Italy, 17 October 1944: Americans from the 361st Infantry Regiment are about to attack to clear a village when the Germans make a preemptive strike of their own. There's plenty of OBA and tank fighting in this 5 turn scenario set on boards 72, 2a and 5b.

RPT123 Holding Korte - KORTE, Germany, 4 April 1945: The 16th Panzer Division attacks with halftrack-mounted infantry supported by PzIVJs and Panthers to clear American infantry from the board 71 village long with Sherman tanks and a M36 GMC from the board 17z hill in this 4.5 turn scenario.

RPT124 The Undaunted - HAMBACH Germany, 24 February 1945: M24 Chaffee tanks and a Sherman Crab support a company of American infantry as it clears the woods on boards 17 and u of German infantry from the 363rd Volksgrenadier Division.

RPT125 Bazooka Butts - HOLLEN, Germany, 25 February 1945: Bazooka man, Private Raymond O. Butts and Company G, 119th Infantry Regiment defend the board 71 village against Panthers and infantry from the 9th Panzer Division in this 5 turn tournament level action.

RPT126 The Steinstrass Funnel - South of STEINSTRASS, Germany, 24 February 1945: The 3rd Battalion, 117th Infantry Regiment, 30th Infantry Division is attacking to clear a village well-defended by Panthers, AA Guns and infantry from the 363rd Volksgrenadier Division and 9th Panzer Division. This is a large, 6.5 turn scenario featuring lots of heavy firepower and action set on boards 5, 52 and 70.

RPT127 Saurians at Suggarath - SUGGERATH, Germany, 20 November 1944: American Infantry from the 84th Infantry Division supported by British Crocodiles and AVREs attack to clear a road segment and some buildings defended by the 183rd Volksgrenadier Division. Brook White designed this 6.5 turn scenario set on boards 3b, 6b and 49.

RPT128 Hubba Hubba One More Time - NOVILLE, Belgium, 15 January 1945: Pete Shelling returns to Rally Point with this Band of Brothers inspired tournament action in which E Company, 506th Parachute Infantry defends buildings on board u in the face of tanks and infantry from the 9th Panzer Division.

RPT129 American Banzai - Biffontaine, France, 29 October 1944: Mike Augustine designed this gem that features the highly decorated 442nd Regimental Combat Team attacking through mist to clear the German 202nd Mountain Battalion from the hills on boards 2a and 5a in this 6.5 turn thriller.

RPT130 Stumbling Through the Steigerwald - WEIGENHEIM, Germany, 11 April 1945: Elements of the 12th Armored Division with Sherman tanks (including a Jumbo) and halftrack-mounted infantry attacks to clear the 553rd Volkgrenadier Division's infantry, dug in tank and anti-tank gun away from two bridges. Brian Williams designed this 4.5 turn tournament action set on boards 50 and 67.

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