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Rally Point: ASL Scenario Pack - Thunderbird Pack

Number: 5

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Theme:      WW2      Magazines and Books      ASL     

Rally Point Volume 5: The Thunderbird Pack is the long-awaited special study of the U.S. Army's 45th Infantry Division, featuring new scenarios designed by legendary scenario designer Bill Sisler. These 10 scenarios are presented in the Schwerpunkt easy-to-read format on high-quality cardstock.

RPT41 Sicilian Debut: Ponte Dirillo, Sicily, 11 July 1943: Elements of the 505th Parachute Infantry Regiment and the 180th Infantry Regiment are desperately attempt to hold a bridge while counterattacked by infantry and PzIIILs of the Herman Göring Division. This scenario uses boards x and 44. Game Length: 7.5 turns.

RPT42 Piccolo Peak: Calore River, Italy, 13 September 1943: The 189th and 158th Field Artillery Battalions with 105mm guns and supporting infantry defend a ford, and bridge along the Calore River as a company of Panzers from the 16th Panzer Division conduct a river crossing. Boards v and 44. Game Length: 6.5 turns.

RPT43 Thunder in the Valley: Teleset, Italy, 12 October 1943: Elements of 2nd Battalion,10th Infantry attacks with OBA to clear a village and are counterattacked by elements of the 26th Panzer Division and their supporting fighter-bombers of. This scenario uses boards 12 and 15. Game Length: 7 turns.

RPT44 Purple Heart Alley: Venafro, Italy, 4 November 1943: Company K, 179th Infantry attacks clear a village of detachment of Fallshirmjägers defending on boards 15 and 49. At a game length of 5.5 turns this makes a good tournament action.

RPT45 Operation Buffalo: Campoleone Station, Italy, 23 May 1944: Company I, of the 157th Infantry supported by a platoon of Sherman tanks attacks a kampfgruppe from the 3rd Panzergrenadier Division defending a railway embankment on boards 33 and 44. With 80mm OBA for both sides, you are sure to get a bang out of this 6.5 turn gem.

RPT46 Ghosts of Meximieux: Meximieux, France, 1 September 1944: French partisans with MOL capability help the American 157th Infantry Regiment defend the town on boards z and 49 as the 11th Panzer Division attacks with PzIVHs, halfracks, and a sIG 38(t)m. Game length is 6.5 turns.

RPT47 Black Edelweiss: Reipertswiller, France, 16 January 1945: Bill Sisler went to the mountains for this large, all-infantry battle that features elements of the 157th Infantry defending the board 39 ridge as 6th Gebirgsjäger Division attacks them on three sides with nearly a battalion of infantry. This scenario uses boards 39, 47, and 52. Game Length: 8.5 turns.

RPT48 Firestorm: Aschaffenburg, Germany, 29 March 1945: Get your blaze counters ready as the 157th Infantry attacks this enemy-held town with a reinforced infantry company with a flamethrower, M4A3(75)w's, and fighter-bombers with napalm. German partisans with MOL capability will make this hot for the Americans in this 8 turn city fight set on boards 49 and 51.

RPT49 Spring Cleaning: Bamberg, Germany, 12 April 1945: The Bamberg Garrison conducts a screening operation on boards 57 and 49 with a rag-tag group of conscripts and second-line infantry equipped with a Goliath and supported by a battery of anti-aircraft guns, as the U.S. 180th Infantry Regiment races for the board edge. This 5.5 turn scenario is destined to be a tournament classic.

RPT50 Nazi Town: Nürnberg, Germany, 17 April 1945: The 179th Infantry Regiment attacks with tank and fighter-bomber support to clear elements of SS Panzergrenadier Division 17 from their board 45 strongpoint. Game Length: 6.5 turns.

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