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Rally Point: Axis Minors

Number: 1

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Theme:      WW2      ASL     

Rally Point Volume 1 is an Axis Minors themed scenario pack from the Tampa ASL Group. We decided to launch this sister publication to Schwerpunkt in order to allow us to feature themes, special unit studies and other more esoteric scenario topics that would not normally be featured in the pages of Schwerpunkt. These 10 scenarios are tested in the same proven Tampa ASL Group method and are presented in the Schwerpunkt easy-to-read format on high-quality cardstock. This inaugural edition is intended to provide players with a tightly-balanced collection of fast-playing tournament level Axis Minors scenarios.

RPT1 Ferenc Joseph Barracks: Infantry from the Romanian 9th Cavalry Division attacks the Hungarian infantry of the 1st Tank Division defending a strongpoint in Budapest, Hungary. This is a fast-playing 4.5 turn tournament level scenario set on a half board 51. This all infantry action makes a great training scenario or tournament catch-up round scenario when time is short.

RPT2 Kerepesi Cemetery: 11 January 1945: The Russian infantry from the 317th Rifle Division, with a platoon of T34/85s attacks a Hungarian infantry company and its supporting StuG IIIGs defending the Board 21 cemetery. This is a fast-playing 4.5 turn scenario that is ideal for tournament play.

RPT3 Varosmajor Grange: The Hungarian Royal Vannay Flying Squad Battalion infantry, Zrinyi IIs and Hetzers attack a tough Russian infantry Company from the 180th Division in Budapest, Hungary, on 22 January 1945. The Russian OT-34 in this will turn up the heat on the Hungarians as they attack boards 20 and 51.

RPT4 Transylvania 6-5000: This title has Glenn Miller spinning in his grave. Hungarian infantry supported by the StuG IIIG of the 7th Assault Gun Battalion attacks a dug-in force of Russian 5-2-7s, 4-4-7s and T-34s in this 5.5 turn, tournament-action set on boards 3 and 42.

RPT5 The Horvath Interlude: 18 January 1943: The Hungarian 1st Armored Field Division infantry and tanks attacks a dug-in group of Russian 4-4-7s and conscripts defending on boards 44 and 48. This 5.5 turn fast-playing thriller is just what you Nimrod fans and tournament players ordered. Get ready to cut out those new Armies of Oblivion hill overlays!

RPT6 Cadets and Cadre: 17 September 1944: An Infantry company from the Hungarian 1st Armored Division is attacking (with a veritable smorgasbord of Hungarian tanks) a dug-in group of Romanian with Bohler M35 47mm AT guns defending board 10.

RPT7 Romanian Hammers: Brian Williams designed this 5.5 turn, Eastern Front thriller, which features an infantry company from the Romanian 2nd Mountain Division attacking a mixed force of Russian infantry defending boards w and x.

RPT8 Well Taught: Mike Faulkner put down his Market-Garden book and dug up this scenario that has the 25th SS Panzer Grenadier Division attacking with SS 5-4-8s, 4-4-7s and an assortment of AFVs to clear the board w village of a troublesome combined arms force of Russian infantry and Romanian tank-supported 5-3-7s. Here's your chance to use a TACAM R-2(r).

RPT9 Shelling the Sivash: Hugh Downing designed this Russian infantry attack supported by T-34s and an SU-122. Here, the Romanians and Germans are defending boards 17 and 49 to prevent the Russians from exiting. A partisan platoon makes this one an unpredictable thriller.

RPT10 Slovak Salvation: Pete Shelling give us this Russian Partisan verses Germans and Slovaks masterpiece. This unique scenario requires both sides to attack and defend on boards 17 and 35. This 6 turn thriller will go right down to the last CC phase before it is decided.

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