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Recon By Fire

Number: 1

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Game Series

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Theme:      WW2      ASL      Andy's Picks     

Excellent Condition

First issue of Fire!

From the table of contents:

Luckiest Guy in the Marines by Eddie Zeman
A Brief History of VASL by Rodney Kinney
ASL in Desert Storm by Eddie Zeman
Hard Point Tarawa by Heat of Battle
ASL Matinee: Red Barricades CG IV by Heat of Battle
Clubbing 101 by Matt Shostak
Fear and Loathing in Baltimore by Rob Seulowitz
Crossfire: Blazing Chariots by Rob Banozic and Rich Summers
Crossing Open Ground by Matt Romey
Evolution of Marine Firepower by Eddie Zeman and Steven Swann


RBF I #1 Weather the Sturm - A German Company reinforced with tank destroyers and artillery are dug in and must hold off an elite Russian attack force during the opening days of Operation Bagration (1944).

RBF I #2 Aggravation at Agrigento - A dug in Italian company with artillery support has to hold off an American infantry company as General Patton’s army rolls through Sicily (1943).

RBF I #3 South Park - A German infantry company supported by assault guns attempts to silence and artillery battery. The Americans throw together a scratch force of infantry and armor to repel them during the Battle of the Bulge (1944).

RBF I #4 Used and Abused - Japanese armor and infantry attempt to recapture an airfield on the island of Biak. The airfield is held by an American infantry company (1944).

RBF I #5 Paper Line - The “Paper Line” is a defense line in Belgium that the French envisioned using to stop the Germans. In this engagement French armored cars with infantry support arrive on the scene just as scout elements of a German panzer division arrive. The French must keep the Germans from securing vital a vital road junction (1940).

RBF I #6 Desert Fortress - As the Germans created a foothold in Tobruk (1941), the Australians were sent in to dig them out.

RBF I #7 Into the Cauldron - In the first push on the factories of Stalingrad, hastily assembled factory workers and stragglers attempt to stop an scratch group of Germans with engineers and an assault gun to support them in their attempt to take a factory (August, 1942).

RBF I #8 Germeter by Meter - Dug in and fortified, German infantry have to hold off an American company supported by tank destroyers during the battle for the Hurtgen Forest (1944).

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