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Ruweisat Ridge: The First Battle of El Alamein

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Has a noticeable crease across the top of the magazine, from long-term storage.


Ruweisat Ridge covers the desert battles around El Alamein from July 1 through July 18, 1942. The British Commonwealth 8th Army must hold the line against the battered Panzerarmee Afrika, since Alexandria and the virtually undefended Nile Delta lie less than 100 miles to the east.

Included are an 16"X21" map of North Africa, 100 counters, and a 12 page rulebook.

The map depicts the battlefield of El Alamein, from the Mediterranean Sea in the north, to the virtually impassable Qattara Depression in the south. Each hex represents 1-1/2 miles of terrain, game turns represent one day, combat units are brigades or battlegroup formations, armoured companies, or artillery in groups of two or three batteries.

The game system tries out some unusual mechanics to simulate the fast-paced flow of desert warfare. Combat units are rated for firepower and assault strength, while AFVs have an armour rating, and artillery has an anti-tank rating. HQs are used for activation of units in their formation. Rules of interest are Opportunity Fire, Overruns, Reaction Movement and Withdrawal Fire, Airstrikes and Fortifications.

Victory is determined by points gained through objective hexes, enemy units eliminated, and for occupying portions of the 'coast road'... the player with the most points wins. The difference in points between the Commonwealth and Axis player determines the level of victory.

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