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Schwerpunkt: A Forum of Independent ASL Scenario Design

Number: 2

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Theme:      WW2      ASL     

Third Edition stocked. Picture is of 2nd Ed. and for illustrative purposes only.

12 New Scenarios Complete with Designer's Notes and Analysis: These scenarios (SP13-24) are taken from the Florida ASL Tournament.

SP13 Stopped Cold: A tournament level scenario using half of board 36, has a company of American infantry trying to exit through a group of panzergrenadiers backed by a PzIV.

SP14 The Green House: Two U.S. infantry platoons on Guam are reinforced after finding they have bitten off more than they can chew while trying to clear Japanese from a jungle strongpoint.

SP15 Tabacchificio Fiocche: This year’s largest scenario, has nearly two companies of U.S. infantry and tanks trying to clear a rural factory area of some troublesome German anti-tank guns. Features boards 11, 13, and 43.

SP16 Hilfe Kommt: A unique tournament scenario features a German armored reconnaissance unit conducting a raid on boards 20 and 22 in an attempt to rescue a regimental staff from their U.S. captors.

SP17 Cross of Lorraine: A lethal scenario with a German infantry company supported by flame tanks attacking U.S. infantry on boards 20 and 21. With 150 OBA on both sides, this will be quick and bloody.

SP18 An Arm And A Leg: Nisei infantry along with a nearly unstoppable heroic leader try to clear Germans from a board 9 hilltop strong point in 1945 Italy.

SP19 Men From Mars: A Japanese company supported by OBA, attacks a Burmese village defended by a combined force of Chinese & U.S. infantry. This 8 turn game has lots of action on boards 37 and 38.

SP20 The Slaughter At Krutik: Seven T-34’s along with infantry attack to clear a Russian village of Spanish backed by German tanks, a 150mm gun and a Flak 18. Fast action on boards 5 & 42 that challenges your tank skills.

SP21 Johnny One: Johnny Frost's paras (supported by NOBA) defend a Sicilian hill against 2 companies of fallschirmjagers and armored cars. This scenario requires boards 2, 11, and 15. Makes a great three-player game.

SP22 Tod’s Last Stand: During the Dunkirk evacuation, two platoons of British infantry retreat across a stream to a farm, while pursued by German tanks and infantry. It's a great, fast playing tournament game, using boards 19 and 43.

SP23 Assault On The Hotel Continental: A New Zealand company supported by Shermans attacks German paratroops holding a hotel in Casino. This is a nice little infantry action that is always a thriller at the end.

SP24 Forest Fighting In Latvia: Three platoons of German infantry attack to clear a trench line and knock out a Russian artillery position. This is a quick playing solid infantry action set on board 34.

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