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Schwerpunkt: A Forum of Independent ASL Scenario Design

Number: 20

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Theme:      WW2      ASL     

This issue's 20-page booklet contains: Evan Sherry's article Flawed Doctrine on the Battlefield: Tank Destroyers in ASL, as well as our trademark analyses and designer's notes for Scenarios SP229 - SP240. Each of the 12 scenarios is printed on cardstock in our easy-to-read format. The scenarios are in keeping with the Schwerpunkt tradition of tournament-sized as well as medium-sized actions. There's something is this pack for players of all experience levels!

SP229 The Devil’s Congregation - Deg, Hungary, 9 March 1945: Elements of the 12th SS Panzer Division supported by Jagdpanthers and Jagdpanzer IV 70s attack to clear a village defended by 4-5-8 and 6-2-8 Russians with SU-100s. This is a fine tournament-level scenario with a game length of 4.5 turns, set on boards 44, 66, and 67.

SP230 The Rimling Circus - Rimling, France, 9 January 1945: The 17th SS Panzer Grenadier Division is assaulting Rimling to seize some wooden buildings held by 6-6-7s from the U.S. 100th Infantry Division. This 5.5 turn scenario has Jagdtigers matched against M-36 tank destroyers and is set on boards 58, 64, and 65. With OBA for both sides, this scenario has lots of combined arms action.

SP231 Galician Persuasion - Otynyiya, Galicia, Hungary, 20 April 1944: A company of Russian 4-4-7s is defending the board 59 village with T-34 M43s, and a 45L AT gun, while a Hungarian infantry company with 6 reinforcing Zrinyi IIs attacks. A 120mm vs. 82mm mortar duel makes this 5.5 turn action set on boards 59 and 66 an exciting scenario for both sides.

SP232 The Krutoy Log Roll - Krutoy Log, U.S.S.R., 6 July 1943: Panzer grenadiers in halftracks supported by PzIVs, Marder IIIs and a Flampanzer from the 7th Panzer Division attack to secure three objectives defended by the well-entrenched Russian 73rd Guards Rifle Division. This is a large scenario is set on half boards 17, 43, 44, 46, 62, and 63. Game Length is 6.5 turns.

SP233 Easy Come Easy Go - Nunen, Holland 19 September 1944: American 7-4-7s from Easy Company, 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment find themselves overmatched and must attempt to withdraw with the help of a two platoons of Cromwell and Challenger tanks. The halftrack-mounted Germans are hot on their heels with Panthers, Jagdpanzers, and an Ostwind as the Americans desperately attempt to exit. This tense, 5 turn “advanced tactics” scenario set on boards 54 and p will test your AFV maneuver skills

SP234 Teltow Two-Step - Neukolln, Germany, 24 April 1945: Elements of SS Freiwillingen-Grenadier Division 11 with a Tiger II cover the Teltow Canal bridge and attempt to hold it open long enough for a column panzeraufklaerungs to cross. Meanwhile, a company of Russian infantry with ISU 122s and IS-2m tries to cut the road. In this exciting 5 turn scenario, set on boards 20 and 51, the Germans must fight their way through and cross before the bridge is blown.

SP235 Blue Ridger Blues - Heiderschied, Luxembourg, 24 December 1944: Pete Shelling designed this Battle of the Bulge gem. A panzer aufklärungs company attacks an armored car and an Aufklärer 38(t) to clear two platoons of the American 80th Infantry Division from buildings on board 64. Danger close OBA might be needed to save the day for the GIs. Game Length is 5.5 turns.

SP236 Hammer Time - Hannut, Belgium, 13 May 1940: Hugh Downing designed this 5.5 turn, action that features boards 57 and 67. Belgian infantry supported by French S35 and AMD 35s defending against an infantry company with PzIIIFs and PzIVDs from the 3rd Panzer Division.

SP237 Shanghai Scuffle - Shanghai, China, 19 August 1937: Mike Augustine designed this scenario which is the first Schwerpunkt scenario to use the VotG board. In this action, the Japanese Special Naval Landing Force is attacking with 4-4-8s and tanks supported by 120mm NOBA. The Chinese 87th Infantry Division is defending the ferry landings and stone buildings in this unique tournament scenario. Game Length: 4.5 turns.

SP238 Inherent Systemic Violence - Ostro, Ukraine, 27 June 1941: Brian Williams returns with this East Front action in which the 11th Panzer Division attacks with a company of infantry supported by PzIIIGs and PzIVEs seeking to repress Russian peasant infantry defending the stone buildings and nice filth of their autonomous collective with BT-7 M37 tanks on boards 49 and 51. Game length: 5.5 turns.

SP239 Nankai Shitai - Isurava, Papua, New Guinea, 29 August 1942: Brook White is back again with this 3.5 turn tournament gem, set on board 36. Here the Australian 30th Militia Brigade is defending a jungle hilltop with two rifle platoons when they are attacked by an under strength Japanese infantry company. This is a fast playing scenario with lots of action.

SP240 Quiet Desperation - Outreau, France, 22 May 1940: Randy Thompson rounds out our 2014 issue of Schwerpunkt with France 40 action that features elements of the British 2nd Welsh Guards defending with French 37* INF guns against the two rifle platoons and PzIIAs of the 2nd Panzer Division. This 4.5 turn action is set on board 56.

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