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Schwerpunkt: A Forum of Independent ASL Scenario Design

Number: 4

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Theme:      WW2      ASL     

Schwerpunkt Volume #4 has a good cross section of ASL scenarios that covers all the theaters of WWII and includes both tournament level and large-scale scenarios. There is a little here for everyone. There are 12 scenarios printed on card stock and a booklet containing an analysis for each scenario. Also this year we also have Brook White's excellent historical article on the French Army. This article alone is worth getting the pack. There is plenty of stuff in this issue to keep you busy for a while. Here's a brief run down of the scenarios:

SP37 Last Stand at Iserlon:
This is a large-scale city fight featuring most of a battalion of the 99th Infantry Division squaring off against a stubborn group from the Panzer Lehr supported by three (yes three) Jagdtigers. This is a great team game with lots of action that will keep you fighting all day. This scenario uses boards 17,18, and 22.

SP38 Led to the Slaughter:
This is a medium sized scenario that has elements of the 3rd Ranger Battalion trying to advance in the face of a stubborn group of panzergrenadiers from the Herman Goring Panzer Division. This scenario uses boards 16, 19, 33 and 38. And no it's not a remake of Six Came Back.

SP39 Down the Manipur Road:
This is a gem from Brian Williams. Here a group of British infantry supported by Lee tanks struggles across a stream to clear the Japanese from the thriving hut metropolis of Viswema, Burma. This is a bloody scenario that will separate the men from the boys on both sides. Board 36 is needed.

SP40 Stand at Festubert:
This is Randy Thompson's long awaited sequel to Bring Up The Boys. Here the British are trying to cover the withdrawal at Dunkirk. This one will test your ability to fight a horde of German tanks with peashooters and spitballs. There's lots of cool action in this scenario. Boards 19, 41, 42, and 44 are needed.

SP41 Bloody Gulch:
A fine scenario from John Quick has a tough company of American paratroopers defending a gully against a mean group of SS panzergrenadiers supported by StuG's. Make sure you have you helmet on because the 150mm OBA is Danger Close! Boards 19 and 24 are in play.

SP42 Hot In Kot:
Brian Williams' cool scenario has a group of Kashmiri Insurgents desperately trying to hold onto the board 42 village in the face of a Punjab attack. This is our first post WWII scenario and is set in 1948 India. If you like retrograde operations, this one is for you.

SP43 Deadeye Smoyer:
Another tournament level beauty from Evan Sherry has Americans attacking to clear German conscripts from a building and a gyro-equipped Pershing tank stalking a Panther. This is a tense action that plays fast in 4.5 turns on board 45.

SP44 Sufferin Sudfrankreich:
Paul Kenny submitted this cool German glider assault against French Partisans set in July 1944. You'll get a chance to land your gliders on the board 14 airfield and fight to seize some buildings on board 10. Its time to dust off your Chapter E.

SP45 A Stroke of Luck:
In his first time collaboration with Schwerpunkt, Pete Shelling gives us another one of his heavy metal scenarios we all have come to love. This city tank fight, has the Russians scrambling to re-man their AFV's and trying to hold onto some board 20 and 21 buildings. Pete threw in some SS and a Wirbelwind that make this an action packed thriller.

SP46: Give Them Some Steel:
The Rangers get some sand in their shoes during their desert trek across the crest of Hill 792 to clear a strong defensive position manned by the valiant Italian Centauro Division. Yeah, it looks like a walk over for the Americans but don't be afraid to take the Italians-you might be surprised. You'll need boards 15 and 25 for this one.

SP47 Key to the Gate:
Yes gang, Mike Faulkner brings you another monster. This baby is an attack by Fallschirmjagers who are trying to clear a fortified building of some French. As if that were not enough they have to continue their attack by conducting a river crossing in the face of a group of British supported by an American forward observer team. Get out your waders and boards 15, 24, and 40. You might also want a partner for this one.

SP48 Orlik and the Uhlans:
Greg Davis is back again this year with a 1939 Polish masterpiece. Ace tankette commander Orlik tries to hold back a German infantry company and six Pz35's and Pz38(t)'s attacking across board 44 to seize some board 42 buildings. This one has absolutely no resemblance to Stand at Festubert.

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