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Schwerpunkt: A Forum of Independent ASL Scenario Design

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Theme:      WW2      ASL     

12 New Scenarios Complete with Designer's Notes and Analysis: These scenarios (SP1-12) are taken from the Florida ASL Tournament.

SP1 Raiders at Regi - Japanese skulk v. Marine attackers on half of board 36.

SP2 Holding the Hotton Bridge - An ad-hoc collection of US infantry, armor and AT guns tries to defend the Hotton Bridge v. first-line German infantry, halftracks and Panthers. Boards 16 & 40.

SP3 Duel at Rueler - Shermans with 76L guns and infantry take on PzIVHs and a small infantry force on board 17. Mud makes this a tight one.

SP4 Point 270 - Brits attack besieged Germans on a hilltop in Italy. Lots of bloody action on boards 39 & 42.

SP5 The Hornet of Cloville - One of the most popular and well-balanced scenarios in the first Schwerpunkt packs. Half of board 42 sees combined-arms forces of US and German OBs battle it out for possession of a small hamlet.

SP6 Udarnik Bridgehead - One of the "Guripa" series, following the Spanish 250th Division de Infanteria in its exploits in Russia. This micro-scenario is extremely well-balanced and can be played in under an hour! Half of boards 7 & 18.

SP7 Delayed on Tiger Route - British Commandos storm into a small village, only to find it well-defended by a small but well-hidden force of SS and assault guns. Board 42.

SP8 The Getaway - Germans try to overtake fleeing Russian units on boards 34 & 37.

SP9 Gun Copse - Brits in Burma take heavy punishment as they cross open ground to attack Japanese in a banana plantation. Board 33.

SP10 Bring up the Boys - Early war action pits a company of the Dorsetshires against a typical Panzer blitz. Half of boards 10 & 19.

SP11 Pomeranian Tigers - A surprise encounter on board 41 between Tiger IIs and late-model Stalin tanks in Northern Germany late in the war.

SP12 Piano Lupo - American airborne attack a mixed force of Italians and Germans in heavily-defended pillboxes on board 11.

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