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Schwerpunkt: A Forum of Independent ASL Scenario Design

Number: 22

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Theme:      WW2      ASL     

Featuring scenarios from The Tampa ASL Group (Oct 2016).

SP253: De Zwarte Duivels - Dutch Korpsmariners reinforced with armored cars counterattack to clear Gruppe Kerfin’s fallschirmjägers from the National Life Insurance building.

SP254: Propitious Arrival - Rare example of a meeting engagement featuring a French combined arms force led by the 7ème Bataillon de Chars de Combat against the vanguard of the 1st Panzer Division.

SP255: Anatoly's Ambush - Hero of the Soviet Union, Captain Anatoly Raftopulo, conducts a large BT-7 tank ambush and defends a small village against a combined arms assault by the 4th Panzer Division.

SP256: De Veer's Counterattack - The Dutch 5th Infantry Battalion initially defends a small village and then counterattacks the Japanese Shoji Detachment.

SP257: Jerry By The Bushel - The disintegrating German 326th Infantry Division was desperately trying to hold back the British XXX Corps offensive with a few beleaguered kampfgruppen. One such German unit had a precarious hold on Amaye-sur-Seulles. The British 50th Division send the 7th Battalion, Green Howards Regiment and a squadron of Sherman tanks to clear the village.

SP258: Operation Blackwater - A combined force of infantry from the 15th Battalion, Hampshire Regiment supported by Sherman VC(a)s attacks to clear German infantry and Schwere Panzer Abteilung 503’s last remaining Tiger I tanks from a village.

SP259: Corridor To Extinction - The Fuhrer was dead and the Soviet juggernaut was fast closing in on the remnants of the 1st SS Panzer Division (Leibstandarte). Now, even these, the most fanatical German troops knew the war was over. None of them wanted to be the last to die, or even worse, become a prisoner of the Russians. On 2 May, Untersturmfuhrer Warnecke led a detachment of former Tiger tank crews from SS-Panzer Abteilung 591 to the Nibelungen Work to draw two new Jagdtigers and bring them back to the division headquarters. From there, they road-marched to Waidhofen where they formed a kampfgruppe with ten newly delivered Panzer IVs. Their mission was to delay the lead elements of the Russian 20th Guards Rifle Corps while the rest of Leibstandarte retreated to the west, taking the last open corridor to surrender to the American army. One Jagdtiger was immobilized and had to be destroyed by its crew before the fight even started, leaving the last Jagdtiger to wait in ambush with the Panzer IVs. Soon, Russian tanks came into view. . .

SP260: Frosty The Snowman - Russian infantry from the 138th Infantry Division with supporting T-26 M33 tanks attacks to clear the Finnish 10th Division from a group of buildings and a hill.

SP261: Gunning For Gas - In the German campaign into the Caucasus, 13.Panzer of German III Panzer Korps reached what would be the farthest point to the southeast reached by the German military when it was halted by Soviet forces 5 miles outside Ordshonikidze, Azerbaijan -- The 7th Guards Rifle Brigade is defending the board 8a village with infantry and Lend Lease Lee and Valentine tanks against an attack by the 13th Panzer Division that is running out of fuel.

SP262: Urdom Done - Grenadiers from the 206th Infantry Division supported by a Marder II desperately try to hold onto a village, until Grossdeuschland ski-troops reinforce them. Russian Infantry and 6 KV tanks make this Mike Augustine design an exciting 5.5 turn battle in the snow drifts.

SP263: Snova Snare - The 75th Guards Rifle Division is surrounded by panzers and infantry from Kampfgruppes Schmahl and Mummert and is trying to hold onto battle positions near the board 72 stream.

SP264: Meet The Old Boss - Romanian infantry from the 1st Tudor Vladimirrescu Division (led by commissars) is defending against panzergrenadiers and halftracks from the 23rd Panzer Division.

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