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Schwerpunkt: The Victoria Cross

Number: 6

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Theme:      WW2      ASL     

This issue's 24-page booklet contains two articles as well as our trademark analyses and designer's notes for each of the scenarios. The twelve scenarios feature actions for which the Victoria Cross was awarded. Each of the 12 scenarios is printed on cardstock in the standard format. The scenarios are in keeping with the Schwerpunkt tradition of tournament-sized as well as medium sized actions. This pack has something for every ASL player.

SP61 Objective Exodus: Royal Marine Commando Corporal Thomas Peck Hunter and his company attacks across board 44 to clear a battered group of Jaegers from a group of buildings on board 23. This is a tense, tournament-sized battle that will go down to the very last dice roll with demolition charges flying!

SP62 Ils Ne Passeront Pas: Captain Paul Triquet’s company of Le Royal 22e Regiment supported by Sherman tanks attacks to seize the Casa Berardi crossroads on board 24 and repel a strong German counter-attack. With mortars, tanks and lots of machineguns on both sides, this action packed, combined arms battle is sure to keep you on edge to the end.

SP63 Upham’s Bar: Captain Charles Hazlett Upham (a 10-3 leader if there ever was one) leads his Fanatic company of New Zealand infantrymen charge across the desert to destroy a company of Italians supported by German Pak 38s and armored cars. This wild desert melee is an exciting action that tests New Zealand nerves against German light armor and Italian machineguns and earned Upham his second Victoria Cross. If you are a desert warrior, you’ll love this one!

SP64 Valour On The Bou: Lance-Corporal John Kenneally saves the day for his fellow Irish Guardsmen using a Bren gun when their board 9, hilltop strongpoint is attacked by a determined group of German infantry.

SP65 Ayo Gurkhali!: Havildar Gaje Ghale and two platoons of Gurkhas attack along a narrow ridge at Ft. White, Burma to clear out a stubborn group of dug-in Japanese. This is a fast playing tournament scenario set on board 44.

SP66 Nicholls and Nash: Bren gunner Corporal Harry Nicholls and his loader Guardsman Percy Nash spearhead a Grenadier Guards attack at Pecq, Belgium smash a German bridgehead on the river Escaut. This tight tournament action will test your nerves in the attack. Boards 33 and 40 are in play.

SP67 Backs to the Orne: Tigers and Panthers from the 12th SS Panzergrenadier Division (Hitlerjugend) attack to smash Captain David A. Jamieson and his Royal Norfolk infantry's bridgehead. This action packed, combined arms battle set on boards 4, 8, and 17 has OBA dropping on both sides and will keep you busy all day.

SP68 Foote-ing the Bill: Lieutenant Colonel Henry Robert Bowreman Foote leads his defending force of Valentine and Matilda tanks in this desert action at Knightsbridge, Libya, against a combined German/Italian attack. You'll need your dust mask and goggles for this swirling desert tank battle.

SP69 Meiktila Break-In: Naik Fazal Din and sepoys of the 17th Indian Division attack to clear Japanese from bunkers at Kyaukpu, Burma 1945. This is a fast playing tournament action set on board 44. It's perfect for both green and veteran PTO fighters.

SP70 Weston's War: Lt. Weston leads his Indian infantry and Sherman tanks in a combined arms attack against heavily armed Japanese in pillboxes at Meiktila, Burma. This is a medium-sized battle that uses boards 22 and 23.

SP71 Cutler's Cross: Lieutenant Arthur Roden Cutler and his wire repair party set out to repair communications and find themselves in the middle of the Australian 7th Division counterattack against Vichy French tanks and infantry in Merdjayoun, Syria during 1941. This is another tournament gem set on boards 18 and 46.

SP72 One Tough Canuck: Major David Vivian Currie (10-2 leader) and his South Alberta’s defend Saint Lambert-sur-Dives against a heavy assault of Panthers and Tigers from the 12th SS Panzergrenadier Division (Hitlerjugend) during the Falaise breakout. This action pack combined action uses boards 7, 10, 40, and 46.

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