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Stalingrad Solitaire

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Product Description

Theme:      WW2      Solitaire      Damaged      Discounted     

New in shrink copies damaged in transit from publisher. They have noticeable box damage (compression/splits) but remain in shrink.

Stalingrad Solitaire is a solitaire game simulating the last weeks of the  encircled German 6th Army in the pocket German troops nicknamed “The  Cauldron” that formed in and to the west of the city of Stalingrad when Soviet troops broke through the Wehrmacht’s front lines in December  1942.

You represent 6th Army’s commander, General Paulus. All actions  of the Soviet commander Zhukov and subordinate units are strictly  controlled by the game rules. As Paulus, you must do your best to  save the trapped army in the Cauldron while at the same time cooperating  with the high command (OKW) to preserve the integrity of the entire  southern front in Russia. Each turn you perform various types of actions  within the pocket. Die rolls and rules determine the strategic  situation and strategy employed by Army Group South outside the pocket,  specifically in terms of the commitment levels of the Luftwaffe (air  force) and General Hoth’s relief force.

The game includes one 22” x 17” map depicting the region containing  the Stalingrad pocket and various playing aids, a sheet of counters, a  set of event cards, rules, and player aids.


Not convinced? You can download a preliminary draft of the rules here. NOTE: These rules are still being worked on. We know that there are corrections to be made.


Game Scale

Each turn represents one to five days, depending on the  level of activity. The entire mapboard represents territory  approximately 35 by 65 miles. German units typically represent  divisions, while Soviet units are officially armies that were usually  the rough equivalent of a German division.

Each supply point represents about 50 tons delivered per day. Each evacuated wounded factor represents 1500 men.


What Makes This Project Special?

We at Canvas Temple have been at this a long time; designing and  playing wargames. The youngest of us has been playing over 35 years.  Like many old-school wargamers, our eyesight has declined, our fingers  have become fumbley, and our time has become scarce.

So we decided to make wargames more suited to us old timers. This wargame is big in scope (and lettering) and can be  played in a (long) evening. Rather than standard 9/16" or even 5/8" inch  counters, this  game utilizes our custom 3/4" square counter die to create large, thick  counters that are easy to see and manipulate. The base game  also  contains a map with easy ergonomics, and a well tested game system that  approaches its subject with enough abstraction to keep  the game tight,  but enough detail to do justice to history and create an array of  complex decisions.


The Map

The map represents the city of Stalingrad and surrounding area and contains 64 areas for regulating movement and combat. Each area is linked to every other area it is connected to by a line.

The player controls all vacant areas inside the German Perimeter marked on the map. The player also controls all areas containing German units, regardless of their location. Any vacant area outside the Perimeter or occupied by a Soviet unit are under Soviet control. No area may contain units from both sides.


The Playing Pieces

Game counters represent combat units and information markers. German units are blue, their Rumanian allies are yellow, Soviet units are red, and information markers are white. The number of counters provided in the game is deliberately limited.


The Cards

25 cards are used to determine various outcomes. Each card has its own unique ID number. Place all of the cards shuffled face down prior to play, drawing one each time the rules instruct. Place each card in a discard pile after it is drawn, unless you are specifically prohibited from doing so. Only one outcome is taken from a drawn card before it is discarded. When the last card is drawn, or a card is drawn with the word “Reshuffle” on it, reshuffle the cards. Cards removed from play are not placed back in the deck this game. Note that the physical size and quality of the cards will be determined by stretch goal.


Base Game Contents:

  • 1 sheet of 3/4" die-cut, double-sided, full-color counters
  • 1 17" x 22" map sheet
  • 1 Book of rules
  • 1 player-aid card

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