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Sturm Nach Osten

Number: 19

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Very Good Condition Punched Copy.

Wargamer Vol.1 No.19 Mar-Apr 1982


Sturm Nach Osten (by Lou Coatney)

This strategic level game covers the East Front from June 1941 to May 1945 with one-month turns. The game has variable victory conditions reflecting the historical ebb and flow. Main units are fronts, armies and corps; also units for static garrisons and Soviet factories (need to move eastward by rail before capture); markers for fortification, artillery, overrun/blitz and dispersal are all provided. Weather, terrain, supply and ZOC rules are used. Victory is measured by control of key cities at key moments.

The rules provide for several "scenarios" (different start and end dates) for shorter playing times and there is also a simplified version using less units and stripped down rules.


Never Call Retreat - J.Hind
- Review of Battles and Leaders (Yaq)
- Two scenarios

Inside the Third Reich
- Review of Third Reich (AH) update - J.Gordon

Austrians to the Left of Us
- Review of La Bataille de Deutsch-Wagram (ME) - D. & T.Rogerson

Notes from the Captain's Log
- Wooden Ships and Iron Men (AH) tactical tips - A.Bagley

Winter Storm: Or How Not to Produce an East Front Game
- Review of Winter Storm (Vanguard) - W.Oppenheim

- Apocalypse (GWS) - W.Oppenheim
- Salamanca (SSG) - B.Latter
- Apache (Yaq) - M.Oliver
- Asteroid Pirates (Yaq) - M.Oliver

Good condition, punched copy.

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