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The Europa Almanac

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Rusty staples, slight foxing/minor grubbiness to the cover.

The Europa Almanac is a rare and out of print publication by John Astell and published in 1989 by GRD (Games Research and Design).

"The almanac covers all nations, colonies, and political entities shown on all the Europa maps plus the
important off-map cities of the Soviet Union and Iran. The almanac is divided into four sections, Northwestern
Europe, Eastern Europe, Western/Central Mediterranean, and Eastern Mediterranean/Near East. Each country
is covered in one of these sections, with general notes and a listing of all its cities that appear on the Europa
maps. The almanac shows the situation as of the start of the war (1 September 1939) and also lists the various
war-time annexations. Also, Czechoslovakia (dismembered by Germany in 1938/39) and Austria (annexed by
Germany in 1938) are shown separately as well as part of Germany, for historical interest.

The almanac is organized as follows:

Country Name: The Europa (English) name is listed first. Its name in its official language is listed in brackets.
(This name is in the native language unless the country is controlled by a foreign power, in which case it is in
the language of the controlling power.) Popular or alternate names follow in parentheses, as do native names
of countries controlled by foreign powers.

Status: This lists the general international and governmental status of the countries. The actual status is listed,
as opposed to the official status, which often differed from reality. (For example, many dictatorships maintained
the fiction of being republics or constitutional monarchies.)

Capital: The city containing the capital of the country, as of 1 September 1939. (Note: The capital of a country
may have been moved during the war. For example, the capital of France was moved to various cities across
France while the Germans overran the country in 1940, and the Soviets moved the capital of the USSR from
Moscow to Kuybyshev in the autumn of 1941. These wartime moves aren't tracked in the almanac.)

Major Ethnic Groups: The main ethnic groups of the country, usually listed in order of prevalence.

Cities: This lists all the cities of the country located on the Europa maps. A general count and breakdown by
type is given, followed by a hex-by-hex listing. For each country, cities are listed based on map orientation,
from map north to map south and, within a hexrow, from map east to map west."

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