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Tide of Fortune

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Product Description

Theme:      WW2     

Unpunched copy in excellent condition

This is an evolution of the Westwar series first introduced by Vanguard Games with Pas de Calais. Other games using a similar system are To The Far Shore and the Italian Campaign series (Sicily, Salerno, Anzio and Med War).

Tide of Fortune features the September-October Allied campaign in northern Belgium and in the Low countries, culminating with the Arnhem operation.

Scale is 1-2 days/turn (variable because of the Impulse system), 3 km/hex. Units are regiments/brigades.

The game has 2 22"x34" maps, 300 counters.

The heart of the system is the Operations phase where players alternate activating formations (divisions) which execute Orders (Assault, Advance, Manoeuvre etc.).

Players bid for Initiative and there are possibilities for the Reaction player to foil the initiative player's moves by having units react and do spoiling attacks.

Losses can be applied to the HQ of a formation, not only directly to units.

Low counter density, high manoeuvre. Medium-high complexity.

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