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Two new items arrived Friday 22nd September. Enemy Coast Ahead: The Doolittle Raid and Fields of Fire (2nd Edition) as well as a healty restock from GMT Games which will be added to the site throughout the next few days.

Avalanche Press have released Ships of Plan Z (a sourcebook for Second World War at Sea: Plan Z) as well as a second edition of stand alone game Winter Fury that recreates the 1939 Soviet offensive in Finland namely the battles of Tolvajärvi and Ilomantsi (22x28 Inch Map 220 Playing Pieces) In stock 18/09/2017

Richard Borgs Commands and Colors System now has games from many companies. GMT Games have the Ancients and the Napoleonic era games with a Medieval system being developed. Plastic Soldier Company have taken the system to WW1 era and now - recently released and in stock (latest products) is -  Command & Colors Tricorne - The American Revolution by Compass Games

Strategy and Tactics Magazine, in its 50th Year, saw it surpass issue number 300.

Issue 307 Cold War, Hot Armour is due later this week (13/09/2017).

Due to the magazines publication being handled by a few different companies over it's long history we list them as all being published by "Strategy and Tactics" (in the Manufacturer selection box on the right hand side of the page.) The majority are new copies, followed by second hand punched copies. We have some second hand games sold without magazines and some magazines without games. You can sub-divide your search within these respective sections by using the second drop down selection when Strategy and Tactics is input as a "Manufacturer"

We have a wide selection of issues covered!

Talon, Space Empires and Illusions of Glory all arrived last week.  

Talon and Space Empires both have expansions released or in development. 

Illusions of Glory borrows mechanics from Paths of Glory and is a card driven game.

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