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New items from Avalanche Press in stock 13/11/2017

Last week we received a full complement of Lock 'N Load Publishing titles. A whole array from their two lead series

  1. Lock 'N Load Tactical series (click to display all titles in series)

  2. Nations At War series (click to display all titles in series)

as well as their new stand alone games such as Wing and a Prayer and The Pacific War and much more!

To view all their instock titles click here. Not sure if Lock 'N Load Tactical is the system for you? Check out the Starter Kit

The following stock is all due to arrive on Monday 16th October. GMTs shipment was predicted to arrive mid-late last week but fell behind a few days. It should all now be on the "Latest Products" page of our site ad off the "Pre-Order" section.

GMT Games:

Multi-Man Publishing:

Paul Koenig Games:

Paul Koenig is an independant wargame publisher arguably at the opposite end of the spectrum from GMT Games.


If you have an order for any of these games please be patient as it's quite a lot all coming in on one day. Enjoy the games!


The African Campaign, Designer Signature Edition landed 26/10/2017 with South China Sea.

Two newly released titles by Compass Games 

Also in is stock from One Small Step including many of their Folio games and Boxed Games such as:

Nato Nukes and Nazis 2 and Putin Strikes: The Coming War for Eastern Europe

Strategemata is a Polish wargame publisher and we have fully stocked their current range of games. Maciejowice 1794, and Szczekociny 1794, highlight the Polish Kościuszko Uprising of 1794 against Imperial Russia. Maida 1806: Stuart vs. Reynier highlights a small battle between the troops under command of Sir John Stuart and Jean Louis Reynier. Other games from Strategemata look at the Boer War and aspects of the Second World War including the Siege of Breslau.

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