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We wish to announce our Autumn "Wargaming Weekend"

Andy has been running board wargaming weekends for the last 30? years, formally and formerly as part of the European Historical Board Wargaming Society; lately with what we regards as friends. Second Chance Games has a large enough customer base that we thought we would be able to organise a board wargaming weekend and open it up to our customer base. Our Autumn one is established yet we welcome new attendees. We are rooted in the board wargaming industry and this is one way we can give back to the community. 

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Chariot: Tactical Combat in the Biblical Age, 3000 - 500 BC

Price £44.95

Product Description

Theme:      Ancient & Medieval     

Very good condition punched copy

One of five games in a series by SPI called PRESTAGS (the others were SPARTAN, LEGION, VIKING and YEOMAN). Tactical level game. Each game shares a set of the same common rules. Each game also has a set of exclusive rules that highlight features of warfare during the period that game covers.

400 counters

Scenarios Included:

Basic Scenario: Rome, 753 BC

Game Player's Scenarios:

The Delta, 1675 BC
Babylon, 1595 BC
Megiddo, 1469 BC
Kadesh, 1294 BC
Sinai, c. 1225 BC
Qarqar, 854 BC
Tabal, 706 BC
Charchemish, 608 BC
Tymbra, 546 BC

Historian's Scenarios:

Bubastis, c. 3000 BC
Armageddon, 609 BC
Lake Regilus, c. 496 BC
The Aequi, 458 BC

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