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Air War (expansion) : MW

Millennium Wars: Air War is the first in a series of expansion sets fo

Sales price: £17.95

Battle for Baghdad

Battle for Baghdad is a unique multi-player game in which players repr

Sales price: £54.95

Folio Series 3: Kandahar

A game on the conflict in this province of southern Afghanistan, 2008-

Sales price: £19.95

Folio Series 4: Operation Whirlwind

October-November 1956: The Communist government of Hungary has fallen.

Sales price: £19.95

Folio Series 6: Middle Creek

In a fight that largely determined the fate of eastern Kentucky, two s

Sales price: £23.95

Folio Series 8: Fall of Berlin

One Small Step Edition (2015) (Folio Series 8) Starting on 12 January

Sales price: £23.95

Holy Roman Empire: The Thirty Years War

Holy Roman Empire is a political and military game of the 17th Century

Sales price: £56.95

Huzzah! Four Battles of the American Civil War Vol. 1

Huzzah! simulates American Civil War combat at the battalion level. Th

Sales price: £48.95


Millennium Wars; Iraq is a Games Magazine 100 Honoree for 2004. It is

Sales price: £17.95


Millennium Wars: Kashmir, presents potential war in the near future be

Sales price: £17.95


Millennium Wars: Korea presents several potential crises on the Korean

Sales price: £17.95

Thapsos & Alexandria. Number 1

A Classic Historical War Game Two complete games using the system fro

Sales price: £8.95

The Mule Shoe Salient at Spotsylvania Courthouse (Counterfact Magazine). Number 1

Very Good Condition Punched Copy CounterFact issue 1. This is the pre

Sales price: £29.95

Crisis 2000. Number 2

Crisis: 2000 is Joe Miranda's vision of a potential uprising with

Sales price: £8.95

Redline Korea. Number 6

Redline: Korea is a strategic level simulation of possible future conf

Sales price: £8.95

Among Nations (Card Game). Number 9

An easy-to-play card game of international wheeling and double-dealing

Sales price: £8.95

Edson's Ridge : Guadacanal . Number 10

Edson's Ridge was the inserted game in issue 10 of Competitive Ed

Sales price: £9.95

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