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The following stock is all due to arrive on Monday 16th October. GMTs shipment was predicted to arrive mid-late last week but fell behind a few days. It should all now be on the "Latest Products" page of our site ad off the "Pre-Order" section.

GMT Games:

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Paul Koenig Games:

Paul Koenig is an independant wargame publisher arguably at the opposite end of the spectrum from GMT Games.


If you have an order for any of these games please be patient as it's quite a lot all coming in on one day. Enjoy the games!


Highway to the Kremlin - Russian Campaign1812

Price £175.00

Product Description

Theme:      Napoleonic     

Excellent, Contents in very good unpunched condition

Napoleon's disasterous Russian campaign.
Quick-playing, low counter density

Two 22 x 34" sections and 280 units.

10 miles / 5 days / 5,000-man SPs

Part of the new Campaigns of Napoleon Series 5X, the map covers European Russia from Tilsit to Moscow at a scale of 1:1,000,000.
Turns average 5 days each. Corps and Army-Level Leaders deploy on-map, while Corps-level combat units assigned to each leader record their fluctuating strength on off-map displays. Force Charts provide actual situation for each turn, allowing you to solitaire the historical campaign.

Playing Time: .3 hours up to 9 hours for the campaign.

Game Design: .Kevin Zucker

Base postage cost: £4.50

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