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Ad Acta

A day in public service - the usual horror. The colleagues in the town

Sales price: £24.95

Air War (expansion) : MW

Millennium Wars: Air War is the first in a series of expansion sets fo

Sales price: £17.95

Alexandria 1801

An unboxed copy The End of Napoleon's Egyptian dream. Low/Med co

Sales price: £39.95

Sales price: £15.95

Bitter Woods Deluxe

Excellent Condition UnPunched Copy (some minor damage to box) Each Co

Sales price: £89.95

By Shot, Shock and Faith

By Shot, Shock and Faith allows the simulation of religious wars that

Sales price: £39.95

Cafe International (Mattel Games)

The Cosmopolitan Game of Tactics and Fun! People from all over the wo

Sales price: £17.95

Civil War Classics Vol. 1 - The Battles of Pea Ridge & Shiloh

Covers the battles of Pea Ridge in northwestern Arkansas and Shiloh in

Sales price: £9.95

Colony (Spieltrieb)

Each player takes the role of a European nation and tries to conquer c

Sales price: £39.95

Combat Commander - Tournament Battle Pack. Number 7

Combat Commander: Tournament Battle Pack – Leader of Men is the sev

Sales price: £16.95

Command & Strategy : Assyrian Wars 1. Number 1

"The Tough Choice" part 1 by Dean N. Essig. Discussion of a possible U

Sales price: £7.95

Command & Strategy : Comrade Koba 4

Comrade Koba . The Card Game of Stalinist Survival. Pearl harbor Part

Sales price: £8.95

Command & Strategy : Operation Walküre 6

Issue #6 Features: • Young Mr Twitt goes to war. Life as an officer

Sales price: £9.95

Command & Strategy : Panzer Commander Afrika 2. Number 2

Tank Action, A Panzer Commander Afrika quick card mini game. "The Tou

Sales price: £7.95

Command & Strategy Deluxe - Blitzkrieg 1940 7

A new format and a new box, loaded with goodies from the French magaz

Base price: £29.95
Sales price: £25.95
13% discount!

Command at Sea Rules 3rd Edition

Command at Sea Rules 3rd Edition Standard Rules with Jumpstart - An

Sales price: £15.95

Die Magier von Pangea

A game with a modular board in which landtiles can be moved around on

Base price: £24.95
Sales price: £19.95
20% discount!

East Wind Rain: The War in the Pacific 1941-1945

Very good unpunched condition The War in the Pacific 1941-1945 A tru

Sales price: £34.95

Empire in Arms

Excellent Condition Unpunched Copy EMPIRES IN ARMS is a game covering

Sales price: £84.95

Fantasy Warlord: Mass Combat Rules

The FANTASY WARLORD combat system rewards good generalship and works e

Sales price: £29.95

FGDN Player's Handbook

This is the player's handbook for the Clash of Arms Game Fear God

Sales price: £6.95

Gotterdammerung: Twilight of the Gods, Berlin '45

2nd Edition: Very Good Condition Unpunched Copy This is a new game of

Base price: £44.95
Sales price: £32.95
27% discount!

Grail Quest: MicroQuest #3

GRAIL QUEST is a programmed fantasy adventure that can be played solit

Sales price: £5.95

Grail Quest: MicroQuest #3

GRAIL QUEST is a programmed fantasy adventure that can be played solit

Sales price: £6.95

High Tide Counter Sheet

1 Set of the three counter sheets for High Tide

Sales price: £16.95

History of the Roman Empire

History of the Roman Empire covers the time-period from the Rise to th

Sales price: £34.95

Industrial Waste

In the past, profit was the only measure of success for a company. Alt

Sales price: £24.95


Millennium Wars: Korea presents several potential crises on the Korean

Sales price: £17.95

Lords, Lands, and Legends (1985) (Bates Games Inc)

Lords, Lands, and Legends is a fast action, fantasy/adventure game of

Sales price: £15.95

Los Arapiles -The Battle of Salamanca

Unboxed Copy Operational and Tactical simulation of Battle of Salaman

Sales price: £57.95

Man of War

Fleet Combat in the Age of Sail 1775-1815

Sales price: £34.95


After years of negotiations, Queen Wu Wei has at last decided to let s

Base price: £24.99
Sales price: £11.95
52% discount!

Napoleon’s Triumph: The Battle of Austerlitz

Napoleon ’s Triumph The Battle of Austerlitz, 2 December 1805 “If

Sales price: £185.00

Never Call Retreat

Good Condition Unpunched Copy - Box is fine for 30+ years age and cont

Sales price: £14.95

Never Call Retreat

Good Condition Punched Copy - Box is fine for 30+ years age and conten

Sales price: £12.95

Nine Years - The War of the Grand Alliance

Nine Years War - War of the Grand Alliance 1688-1697 (uses No Peace Wi

Sales price: £68.95


Ortona: The Advance through Italy, Dec. 1943. In December 1943 the Al

Sales price: £27.95

Panzer General: Allied Assault (Petroglyph/Ubisoft)

UK only due to the high shipping costs Panzer General: Allied Assault

Base price: £46.95
Sales price: £39.95
15% discount!


Complete, contents in good condition, box is damaged (mended with tape

Base price: £16.95
Sales price: £12.95
24% discount!

Port Stanley. Number 28

Magazine Only - No Game

Sales price: £4.95

Red Christmas (Thunderhaven Game Co.)

Hypothetical Russian attack on Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Base. Med c

Sales price: £24.95


US and Soviet Forces - Assault Module

Sales price: £69.95

Rolling Thunder 2nd Edition (Group 3 Games)

Very good punched copy Airwar over North Vietnam 1965 - 1972 One Ope

Sales price: £39.95

Russia Besieged

Russia Besieged is a corps level, 32 mile per hex simulation of the ti

Sales price: £94.95

Saguntum: The Battle for Valencia 1811

An unboxed copy The Battle of Sagunto is a tactical simulation of the

Base price: £49.95
Sales price: £37.95
24% discount!

Salamanca (1976) (Maplay Games Ltd)

Shop-spoiled from long term storage, open copy. Condition verified as

Base price: £34.95
Sales price: £24.95
29% discount!

Salamis. Number 7.1

Part-Punched (loose counters visible). Unplayed. War Galley Module #1

Sales price: £49.95

Shell Shock

Good Punched Copy - Two Player Ambush

Base price: £44.95
Sales price: £39.95
11% discount!

Space Nazis from Hell

Design by Paul Lidberg. Ship-to-Ship level. The war for the possession

Sales price: £14.95

Squad Leader Board 24

Mounted Board

Sales price: £7.95

Tac Air

Poor but playable copy If the balloon goes up, this is how it will be

Base price: £39.95
Sales price: £14.95
63% discount!


A simple game suitable for a Thinking filler; involves combat in Polyn

Sales price: £29.95


Good condition punched copy A simple game suitable for a Thinking fil

Base price: £29.95
Sales price: £19.95
33% discount!

Tank Commander: Player's Guide

Tank Commander: Players Guide

Sales price: £6.50

The Great Wall of China (Solver Line)

3rd century BC. The Chinese Empire is threatened from the North, and s

Base price: £14.99
Sales price: £12.99
13% discount!

The Mule Shoe Salient at Spotsylvania Courthouse (Counterfact Magazine). Number 1

Very Good Condition Punched Copy CounterFact issue 1. This is the pre

Sales price: £29.95

The Russian Campaign 4th Edition : Expansion #1

Southern Expansion including a new map extending the board to include

Sales price: £24.95


As pigeon clans, players vie for roosting rights in the districts of V

Sales price: £29.95

Viking Fury

This is a game that spans the time of the Viking Sagas. The epic journ

Base price: £29.95
Sales price: £27.95
7% discount!
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