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The following stock is all due to arrive on Monday 16th October. GMTs shipment was predicted to arrive mid-late last week but fell behind a few days. It should all now be on the "Latest Products" page of our site ad off the "Pre-Order" section.

GMT Games:

Multi-Man Publishing:

Paul Koenig Games:

Paul Koenig is an independant wargame publisher arguably at the opposite end of the spectrum from GMT Games.


If you have an order for any of these games please be patient as it's quite a lot all coming in on one day. Enjoy the games!


Other periods & settings.

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Ad Acta

A day in public service - the usual horror. The colleagues in the town

Sales price: £24.95

Alexandria 1801

An unboxed copy The End of Napoleon's Egyptian dream. Low/Med co

Sales price: £39.95

Avec Infini Regret

French Wars of Religion - Volume 1

Sales price: £21.95

Sales price: £15.95

By Shot, Shock and Faith

By Shot, Shock and Faith allows the simulation of religious wars that

Sales price: £39.95

Cafe International (Mattel Games)

The Cosmopolitan Game of Tactics and Fun! People from all over the wo

Sales price: £17.95

Civil War Classics Vol. 1 - The Battles of Pea Ridge & Shiloh

Covers the battles of Pea Ridge in northwestern Arkansas and Shiloh in

Sales price: £9.95

Colony (Spieltrieb)

Each player takes the role of a European nation and tries to conquer c

Sales price: £39.95

Combat Commander - Tournament Battle Pack. Number 7

Combat Commander: Tournament Battle Pack

Sales price: £17.95

Command & Strategy : Assyrian Wars 1. Number 1

"The Tough Choice" part 1 by Dean N. Essig. Discussion of a possible U

Sales price: £7.95

Command & Strategy : Comrade Koba 4

Comrade Koba . The Card Game of Stalinist Survival. Pearl harbor Part

Sales price: £8.95

Command & Strategy : Operation Walküre 6

Issue #6 Features: • Young Mr Twitt goes to war. Life as an officer

Sales price: £9.95

Command & Strategy : Panzer Commander Afrika 2. Number 2

Tank Action, A Panzer Commander Afrika quick card mini game. "The Tou

Sales price: £7.95

Command & Strategy Deluxe - Blitzkrieg 1940 7

A new format and a new box, loaded with goodies from the French magaz

Base price: £29.95
Sales price: £25.95
13% discount!

Command at Sea Rules 3rd Edition

Command at Sea Rules 3rd Edition Standard Rules with Jumpstart - An

Sales price: £15.95

Demon's Run (Album Game)

Starcup Challenge Racing Series

Sales price: £9.95

Die Magier von Pangea

A game with a modular board in which landtiles can be moved around on

Base price: £24.95
Sales price: £19.95
20% discount!

East Wind Rain: The War in the Pacific 1941-1945

The War in the Pacific 1941-1945

Sales price: £34.95

Empire in Arms

Excellent Condition Unpunched Copy EMPIRES IN ARMS is a game covering

Sales price: £84.95

Fantasy Warlord: Mass Combat Rules

The FANTASY WARLORD combat system rewards good generalship and works e

Sales price: £29.95

FGDN Player's Handbook

This is the player's handbook for the Clash of Arms Game Fear God

Sales price: £6.95

Gotterdammerung: Twilight of the Gods, Berlin '45

2nd Edition: Very Good Condition Unpunched Copy This is a new game of

Base price: £44.95
Sales price: £32.95
27% discount!

Grail Quest: MicroQuest #3

GRAIL QUEST is a programmed fantasy adventure that can be played solit

Sales price: £5.95

Grail Quest: MicroQuest #3

GRAIL QUEST is a programmed fantasy adventure that can be played solit

Sales price: £6.95

High Tide Counter Sheet

1 Set of the three counter sheets for High Tide

Sales price: £16.95

History of the Roman Empire

History of the Roman Empire covers the time-period from the Rise to th

Sales price: £34.95

Industrial Waste

In the past, profit was the only measure of success for a company. Alt

Sales price: £24.95

Lords, Lands, and Legends (1985) (Bates Games Inc)

Lords, Lands, and Legends is a fast action, fantasy/adventure game of

Sales price: £15.95

Los Arapiles -The Battle of Salamanca

Unboxed Copy Operational and Tactical simulation of Battle of Salaman

Sales price: £57.95

Man of War

Fleet Combat in the Age of Sail 1775-1815

Sales price: £34.95


After years of negotiations, Queen Wu Wei has at last decided to let s

Base price: £24.99
Sales price: £11.95
52% discount!

Millennium Wars: Air War

Millennium Wars: Air War is the first in a series of expansion sets fo

Sales price: £17.95

Millennium Wars: Korea

Millennium Wars: Korea presents several potential crises on the Korean

Sales price: £17.95

Napoleon’s Triumph: The Battle of Austerlitz

Napoleon ’s Triumph The Battle of Austerlitz, 2 December 1805 “If

Sales price: £185.00

Never Call Retreat

Good Condition Unpunched Copy - Box is fine for 30+ years age and cont

Sales price: £14.95

Never Call Retreat

The First Day at Gettysburg, July 1,1863

Base price: £14.95
Sales price: £8.95
40% discount!

Nine Years - The War of the Grand Alliance

Nine Years War - War of the Grand Alliance 1688-1697 (uses No Peace Wi

Sales price: £68.95


Ortona: The Advance through Italy, Dec. 1943. In December 1943 the Al

Sales price: £27.95

Panzer General: Allied Assault (Petroglyph/Ubisoft)

UK only due to the high shipping costs Panzer General: Allied Assault

Base price: £46.95
Sales price: £39.95
15% discount!


Complete, contents in good condition, box is damaged (mended with tape

Base price: £16.95
Sales price: £12.95
24% discount!

Port Stanley. Number 28

Magazine Only - No Game

Sales price: £4.95

Red Christmas (Thunderhaven Game Co.)

Hypothetical Russian attack on Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Base. Med c

Sales price: £24.95


US and Soviet Forces - Assault Module

Sales price: £69.95

Rolling Thunder 2nd Edition (Group 3 Games)

Very good punched copy Airwar over North Vietnam 1965 - 1972 One Ope

Sales price: £39.95

Saguntum: The Battle for Valencia 1811

An unboxed copy The Battle of Sagunto is a tactical simulation of the

Base price: £49.95
Sales price: £37.95
24% discount!

Salamanca (1976) (Maplay Games Ltd)

Shop-spoiled from long term storage, open copy. Condition verified as

Base price: £34.95
Sales price: £24.95
29% discount!

Shell Shock

Good Punched Copy - Two Player Ambush

Base price: £44.95
Sales price: £39.95
11% discount!

Space Nazis from Hell

Design by Paul Lidberg. Ship-to-Ship level. The war for the possession

Sales price: £14.95

Tac Air

Poor but playable copy If the balloon goes up, this is how it will be

Base price: £39.95
Sales price: £14.95
63% discount!


A simple game suitable for a Thinking filler; involves combat in Polyn

Sales price: £29.95


Good condition punched copy A simple game suitable for a Thinking fil

Base price: £29.95
Sales price: £19.95
33% discount!

Tank Commander: Player's Guide

Tank Commander: Players Guide

Sales price: £6.50

The Great Wall of China (Solver Line)

3rd century BC. The Chinese Empire is threatened from the North, and s

Base price: £14.99
Sales price: £12.99
13% discount!

The Mule Shoe Salient at Spotsylvania Courthouse (Counterfact Magazine). Number 1

Very Good Condition Punched Copy CounterFact issue 1. This is the pre

Sales price: £29.95

The Russian Campaign 4th Edition : Expansion #1

Southern Expansion including a new map extending the board to include

Sales price: £24.95


As pigeon clans, players vie for roosting rights in the districts of V

Sales price: £29.95

Viking Fury

This is a game that spans the time of the Viking Sagas. The epic journ

Base price: £29.95
Sales price: £27.95
7% discount!

Vol II : Spires of the Kremlin

Very good punched copy Spires of the Kremlin: The game covers "Operat

Sales price: £49.95

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