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Team Yankee

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Theme:      Post WW2      Second Hand     

Good condition punched copy

A game of modern tank battles based on the book Team Yankee by Harold Coyle. Rules use a programmed-learning approach through eight scenarios and also include instructions on creating your own scenarios.

From the Game Box:

"Here is hands-on experience leading a modern tank company into battle. Team Yankee presents the expertise that the modern tank company commander needs in easy-to-follow game rules format. Two players each form their own strategies as they fight out potential, very real situations on the battlefield of World War III. Soviet units have numbers and firepower; U.S. units have speed and technology. To each side's advantages and disadvantages the players add strategy and leadership.

Rules cover the essentials of movement and combat between modern combat units. On this foundation are built special rules covering artillery, morale, chemical warfare, air support, and the other special aspects of modern warfare.

The game maps cover the same ground shown in the novel. Eight game scenarios walk you through the rules, unveiling the effects of all the rules, and showing you in detail how to play the game. In the course of playing the scenarios, you will be able to recreate the situations in the book (and perhaps alter their course).

The rules chapter on variants lets players change the scenarios to add new rules and replay scenarios to see what effects they will have on the situation. The rules chapter on new scenarios lets players build their own forces and fight out totally new battles."

Low/med complex,

240 counters,

2 maps,

2 players (solitare suitable),

1 hour.

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