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We wish to announce a "Wargaming Weekend" (well in fact two)

Andy has been running board wargaming weekends for the last 30? years, formally and formerly as part of the European Historical Board Wargaming Society; lately with what we regards as friends. Second Chance Games has a large enough customer base that we thought we would be able to organise a board wargaming weekend and open it up to our customer base. As our Autumn one is established with our friends it seemed prudent to offer a Spring event allowing both our customers and friends the flexibility to pick and choose when to join us for some social gaming. We are rooted in the board wargaming industry and this is one way we can give back to the community. 

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Leyte Gulf

Price £195.00
Game Series

Product Description

Theme:      WW2     

Excellent Unpunched Copy (minor box wear)

Second World War at Sea: Leyte Gulf
During the summer and fall of 1944, history’s greatest naval battles raged in the western Pacific Ocean, as the United States fought to finally subdue the Japanese Empire, and the Imperial Navy put up fanatical resistance to the last possible moment.

Leyte Gulf is one of the largest wargames ever published, and it covers both of these battles plus many more. It’s part of our Second World War at Sea series of operational-level naval games.

There are 22 scenarios, five of them battle scenarios that use only the tactical map, and 17 operational scenarios.

The huge number of pieces represent every significant ship and airplane that fought or could have fought in the Western Pacific in 1944 and 1945. Well-known ships like the destroyers Johnston and Hoel, the escort carriers of Taffy Three, and the Japanese super-battleship Yamato are all present. So are some ships never completed, like Yamato’s two sisters or the American Montana-class battleships. And the Japanese even get a handful of jet planes.

Leyte Gulf includes:

25”x25” tactical map
Three 35”x24” operational maps
2,170 game pieces
24-page series rule book
24-page scenario book
Two player aid cards
Six organizational cards

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