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The following stock is all due to arrive on Monday 16th October. GMTs shipment was predicted to arrive mid-late last week but fell behind a few days. It should all now be on the "Latest Products" page of our site ad off the "Pre-Order" section.

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Paul Koenig is an independant wargame publisher arguably at the opposite end of the spectrum from GMT Games.


If you have an order for any of these games please be patient as it's quite a lot all coming in on one day. Enjoy the games!


St. Lo: Normandy 1944 -The breakout begins

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Product Description

Theme:      WW2      Second Hand     

Product condition: used

A very good unpunched copy

St. Lo was the first game to cover this unique battle. Designed by Joe Balkoski, creator of Atlantic Wall and Sixth Fleet, St. Lo offers a challenging system for the simulation of WW2 battalion-level combat.

Unit morale is the crucial factor in this game. Morale fluctuates as units move, rest or attack. Should you pull this battalion out of the line to rest ? Or will one more push carry the position ?

Artillery plays a crucial role too. Good observation posts are essential for accurate fire. You will find yourself fighting many desperate actions for control of hilltop vantage points or church steeples.

The innovative movement system makes uncertainty another key element of St Lo. You never know who will move next. Even units that have already moved may move again the same turn. You will need to plan ahead, rest your troops and then spring your offensive.

Outstanding for solitaire play. The rulebook has extensive designers notes throughout and each chapter has numerous quotes from commanders at the battle for St. Lo.

Designed by a master craftsman this is an innovative, tense and accurate portrayal of WW2 battalion command - the way it really was.

18 July 1944 13:40 Hrs
Gen. Gerhardt: "Capt. Putenny, you sure did a masterful job and are going up for promotion; you'll keep that battalion. Where is Howie's body?"

22" x 34" paper map of St. Lo and surrounding areas.
400 multi-color back printed counters
Player-aid cards

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